SULLEE J: Mic Righteous & Sullee J – Wasting My Time

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We are only a few weeks into the New Year, and U.S. up-and-coming hip-hop sensation Sullee J is back with a brand new release and is dropping his very first music video. His latest offering “Wasting My Time” has a really important message. It speaks to the millions of people out there going through a tough time in their lives. The song emphasises the feelings around suicide and how real the emotional state is for these two artists. The track features supporting talent from British musician Mic Righteous, a rapper who first burst onto the scenes way back in 2008 with a freestyle number entitled No More.

Sullee J & Mic Righteous got together in this special transatlantic collaboration and their end result is the impactful Wasting My Time, which reflects on the unique struggles of each artist individually and how they’ve both been at rock bottom in life. This song is important as it raises awareness on suicide, which is at an all-time high in both the United States and United Kingdom. The song officially came out on the 17th of January, a date deliberately chosen as it falls on the third Monday in January, which has been reported to be the day of the year that the most suicides take place, otherwise known as ‘Blue Monday’. As we as a society begin to appreciate more and more the importance of looking out for each other and safeguarding our mental wellness, Sullee J and Mic Righteous’ new song will help make that message grow.

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