NEWS DIGEST 12.02.2022: The latest history and technology developments

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An extremely rare, carved wooden figure from the early Roman era has been unearthed in a waterlogged ditch in Buckinghamshire, the latest extraordinary find in the UK’s biggest ever archaeological dig along the 150-mile HS2 rail route. Among the finds ranging from the iron age to the Victorian era is the discovery revealed earlier this week of a vast Roman settlement in Northamptonshire, 16th-century gardens in Warwickshire, the world’s oldest railway roundhouse in Birmingham, a trio of Roman statues at an abandoned medieval church in Buckinghamshire, and tens of thousands of skeletons at various burial grounds. Alice Roberts, presenter of the BBC programme Digging for Britain, said the “extraordinary finds” along the HS2 route showed how rich the archaeological landscape of the country was. The cost of the HS2 archaeological work is built into the project’s overall budget, but Wass declined to say how much it had cost so far. “It’s really rare to get Roman carved woodwork in Britain. Even in its fractured, weathered state, it has something in the pose of the figure and in the dress that says this is probably Roman.”‘Exquisite’ Roman figure found on HS2 dig in Buckinghamshire (The Guardian UK edition ~ News – Science – Archaeology

Agents are used to a variety of solutions in all aspects of their lives. Insurtechs working with agents need to step up to the challenge to work with them to solve real issues. Our initial thesis was that agents needed a faster way to quote small commercial. It’s equally critical for agents to be open with insurtechs about what’s working, what’s not and what they would like to see. It’s important for agents to speak up about what they want from the solution they are using. Digital tools can’t improve without critical input from agents that are actively using the tools. With strong two-way relationships between agents and insurtechs, solutions that solve real industry challenges can be created – How Agents and Insurtechs Can Work Together (Insurance Journal ~ Magazines)

LONDON, Feb 11 – The platform which sold an NFT of Jack Dorsey’s first tweet for $2.9 million has halted transactions because people were selling tokens of content that did not belong to them, its founder said, calling this a “fundamental problem” in the fast-growing digital assets market. The U.S.-based Cent executed one of the first known million-dollar NFT sales when it sold the former Twitter CEO’s tweet as an NFT last March. While Cent, with 150,000 users and revenue “in the millions”, is a relatively small NFT platform, founder Cameron Hejazi said the issue of fake and illegal content exists across the industry. The biggest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, valued at $13.3 billion after its latest round of venture funding, said last month more than 80% of the NFTs minted for free on its platform were “plagiarized works, fake collections and spam.” It was after the Dorsey NFT sale that Cent started to get a sense of what was going on in NFT markets – NFT marketplace shuts, citing ‘rampant’ fakes, plagiarism problem (Reuters ~ Finance)

South Korea is doubling down on its metaverse ambitions. The Korea Investment Corp will focus especially on metaverse and artificial intelligence ventures. South Korea has skin in the game when it comes to the metaverse. The country’s Ministry of Science kicked off 2021 by announcing plans to invest $7.5bn into digital technologies in 2022, with almost 9% devoted to South Korea’s metaverse industry and cloud services. KIC will now make further investments backing South Korea’s metaverse ambitions. South Korea is clearly taking the metaverse seriously. Reporters have made a habit of ridiculing abandoned metaverse raves, predicting that the metaverse will suck for the LGBT community and inking think-pieces about how the new digital realm is just the long-ago failure Second Life all over again – Will South Korea’s $200bn finally make the immersive metaverse take off? (Verdict ~ BUSINESS – AR, VR AND BEYOND)

The idea of self-driving vehicles has attracted significant attention as well as investments worldwide. AI innovative work is playing a major role in the improvement of Autonomous Vehicles and finding out if these elements are promoting development in a specific way or empowering some socio-technical frameworks while dispossessing different potential outcomes is necessary. The Autonomous Vehicle industry’s quick advancement has energized controllers all over the planet to acquaint strategy systems and enactment with empowering the protected experimentation and improvement of the innovation. Automated vehicles in the future could offer the comfort of dropping vehicle inhabitants at their objective, regardless of whether an air terminal or shopping center, while the vehicle leaves itself. At the point when the vehicle is utilized more hours daily through car-sharing, any straightforward battery expenses could be shared likewise, expanding the financial allure of electric cars – Autonomous Cars- The Future of Vehicular Technology (TechTarget Data Science Central ~ Home » Sector Topics » Autonomous Vehicles)

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