NEWS DIGEST 27.02.2022: London’s in-demand schools and expensive properties

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Once your kid turns four, they become eligible to start primary school the following year, although getting a place isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially in London where there is high demand for school places in concentrated areas. Any child can go to any primary school unless more parents applied for a place than the number of places available. You can make an application for a school place through your Local Authority – find yours here. Beaumont Primary School in Croydon is the hardest primary school in the whole of London to get into, with only 30 places offered to 435 applications. Based on the percentage of first preferences that got a place, these primary schools are the hardest ones to get your kids into in each London borough, according to data from the Department for Education – The hardest primary school to get your kids into in every London borough (MyLondon ~ News – UK & World News – Schools)

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It has long been established that London is an expensive city to buy property in with the capital by far the most expensive metropolitan area to own a property in the UK. Despite the average cost of a house in London being almost double the UK’s overall average, there are some parts of the Big Smoke that can still be affordable, even on their most expensive streets. MyLondon has collected data on the most expensive street in each London borough to see who is really paying top dollar to live in their neighbourhood. The borough borders the desirable and expensive areas of London like Notting Hill in the South and it is where its most expensive street Aylestone Avenue is located. Grosvenor Square in Mayfair is said to be the centrepiece of the Duke of Westminster’s vast property empire and narrowly beats the rest as Westminster’s most expensive street with property averaging a price tag of £16,990,000 just a few more grand more than the equally as opulent Knightsbridge which costs a whopping £16,545,070. Priory Avenue in Hounslow is by far the most expensive street in the North London Borough – London property: The most expensive streets to buy a house in every London borough (MyLondon ~ News – Property)

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson confirmed: “Sadly, a woman has died following a house fire on Windsor Road in Ilford.” “The Brigade was called at 11.40pm and the fire was under control by 11.38pm. Three fire engines and around 20 firefighters from Ilford and Barking fire stations attended the incident. The cause of the fire is under investigation.” Bucks Fizz singer Cheryl Baker paid tribute to the late actress. She said: “I have just heard the awful news that my fabulous mate, Anna Karen has died in a house fire.” EastEnders star Rita Simons, who played Roxy Mitchell, also added: “I just heard the awful news about the wonderful Anna Karen”Anna Karen: On the Buses and EastEnders actress dies aged 85 in house fire in east London (Evening Standard ~ News – London)

A woman has dressed up as a poo in East London to protest cladding remediation costs that threaten to bankrupt her neighbours and thousands of other leaseholders across the UK. Carer Daniell Hambrook, 49, has worn costumes outside Barratt Homes’ offices in East London to highlight the crippling costs facing homeowners in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. She added: “Barratt are not going to get away from this. The residents are fed up with us but we say ‘Tell Barratt then, tell Barratt to sort out the crap homes they have made’. We are there to name and shame them.” “These buildings may have been built correctly at the time but the Government wants developers to pay regardless. Builders won’t pay if they have not done anything wrong. Without the Polluter Pays amendment the leaseholders are screwed.” He recognised Barratt had agreed to cover up to £2.8million in cladding and waking watch costs on his development, but invited the housing company to support the Polluter Pays Bill through parliament. A spokesperson for Barratt said: “Barratt believes that no leaseholder should have to pay for necessary remediation work at their developments and we are working closely with the Waterside Park Managing Agent, Building Owner, leaseholders and local MP to find a suitable solution and support leaseholders and residents at this development.”‘I dressed up as a poo to stop unfair cladding costs bankrupting my elderly neighbours’ (MyLondon ~ News – East London News – Housing)

On Thursday 23rd of February hail stones showered down around the area of Hampton and in particular – Hampton School. Students of Hampton School were enjoying a regular lunchtime break in the sunshine, when all of a sudden, dark clouds rose above the school and began pelting down hailstones. Myself, being a student at Hampton, was revelling my lunch whilst the weather took a turn for the worst. The 3G (synthetic turf made from artificial grass) playing field was slowly wrapped in the white of the hail. As the ice sheet began to grow, around the outside of the school, it sparked many snowball fights (image above). This, admittedly, includes one that me and my friends got involved in as well! A student at the school claimed that he was “alright to play football in the ice”, but once he “heard thunder”, he knew it “wasn’t a good sign.” – Crazy climate conditions at Hampton School (This is Local London ~ News)


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