NEWS DIGEST 19.03.2022: Assorted world news this Saturday

Good morning folks. Your newswrap for today comes from Facebook.

Very, long wait, it’s looking like the Elizabeth line is finally nearing completion. The new tube network linking Shenfield, Essex and Abbey Wood, all the way to Reading in Berkshire, has been in the works since the 1990s as the previously named Crossrail project. It promises more than 20 trains per hour – that’s around one every three minutes. The line stops at central London stations including Liverpool Street, Tottenham Court Road, Bond Street, Whitechapel and Paddington, and as tube lines go, it’s looking pretty smart. Now, with first visits and photos of the new platforms starting to appear on social media, first here’s a lot of speculation about when the new line will be open for business. Could we be riding on Her Majesty’s trains as early as next month? Revealed: TfL’s big red London bus action plan – In pictures: London Underground’s shiny new Elizabeth line (Timeout)

“How much water do we use during Holi? Save water throughout the year,” Vishwas Sarang said. Madhya Pradesh minister Vishwas Sarang on Thursday claimed the message to save water on Holi was an attack on Hindu festivals, and termed it as “cultural terrorism”. Speaking to reporters, Mr Sarang said people should take a pledge to save water, but spreading this message only during Holi will do no good. “How much water do we use during Holi? Save water throughout the year. Why does such a message revolve around our festivals only?” the minister asked. He claimed the message is aimed at distancing youth from Hindu festivals connected to culture and tradition. People come out with the message to save water on Holi, but waste gallons of water to clean their cars, he said. “These people in the name of environment are attacking our Hindu festivals,” the minister claimed – Message To Save Water On Holi Is Attack On Hindu Festivals: Madhya Pradesh Minister (NDTV ~ All India)

Since Russia’s initial invasion of Ukraine, we’ve seen a number of celebrities come forward and express their sympathies for and alignment with Ukraine, many even partaking in initiatives to raise awareness or money for the country’s cause. Among those celebrities are Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who bring a huge update to their already massive $30 million fundraising goal. Famed Hollywood couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have put together an amazing fundraiser for Ukraine – Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Meet And Surpass $30 Million Fundraising Goal For Ukraine (Diply)

A WETHERSPOON pub in the town centre of Bournemouth, England, is set to close its doors for good. The pub chain has confirmed the Christopher Creeke in Holdenhurst Road will permanently close at the beginning of next month. No staff will be made redundant as a result of the closure however, with staff relocated to other local Wetherspoon pubs in the chain. Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: “We can confirm that The Christopher Creeke pub in Bournemouth is to close. “On occasion, Wetherspoon does close some of its pubs and this is the case here.” “There will be no staff redundancies. All staff will remain with Wetherspoon working at the company’s pubs in the region.” Wetherspoon also recently warned of a hike in the price of a pint across the UK. A Wetherspoons spokesperson said at the time: “Occasionally Wetherspoon does increase the price of its drinks”Wetherspoon pub Christopher Creeke to close its doors for good (Daily Echo ~ News)

In the early 2000s researchers began to recognize the role of inflammation in conditions as varied as Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, prompting them to recast inflammation as the unifying explanation for a myriad of ailments, including those we develop as we age. Inflammation evolved to serve an important function: It rids our bodies of stuff that doesn’t belong, including foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses, tumor cells, and irritants like splinters. Because they’re so abundant during inflammation, macrophages have traditionally been thought of as pro-inflammatory cells, says Gerhard Krönke, an immunologist and rheumatologist at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. Derek Gilroy, a professor of immunology at University College London, agrees, calling macrophages “linchpin cells at the juxtaposition of inflammation and resolution: It can go one way if we’re healthy and the other way if we’re not.” After the number of viruses declines, the debris left behind-viral remnants, dead immune cells, and other waste-must be collected and cleared away before it sparks another cycle of inflammation – The end of inflammation? New approach could treat dozens of diseases. (National Geographic ~ SCIENCE – CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE)


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