NEWS DIGEST 09.04.2022: Current events in the Ukraine invasion; other stories

Good morning readers. After a two-week hiatus, HEM News Agency returns with our weekend newswraps. Today we bring you news from Twitter as it happens.

The program of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the disposal of the highest command staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine does not slow down. Thus, Colonel Alexander Viktorovich Bespalov, commander of the 59th Guards Tank Lublin twice Red Banner Order of Suvorov and Kutuzov Regiment, was destroyed by Ukrainian soldiers. He was buried on the 8th of April (yesterday/Friday) – Очередной полковник ВС РФ был убит на войне с украинцами (DonPress)

BERLIN-Germany is coming under pressure from Western allies to beef up its response to Russia’s aggression, accept stronger sanctions against Moscow and send more weapons to Ukraine. A German government spokesman said that Germany was working with partners to strengthen the sanctions against Russia and that it would continue sending military aid to Ukraine. Germany has sent Ukraine hand-held antitank and antiaircraft missiles as well as armored vehicles, ammunition and protective equipment. A senior Defense Ministry official said that Germany had many more mothballed weapons systems, including tanks and multiple rocket launchers, that it could send to Ukraine. On Wednesday, Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht told parliament that Germany would deliver more weapons but wouldn’t mention the shipments publicly as requested by Ukraine – Germany Faces Pressure to Bolster Response to Russian Aggression in Ukraine (The Wall Street Journal English Edition ~ World – Europe)

We’ve seen accessible metaverse platforms for some time now. Instead of just filling a virtual basket, businesses have taken to these existing metaverse platforms with creativity in mind. JPMorgan bought virtual real estate and opened its own metaverse lounge. The newly released Horizon Worlds is the first metaverse project by Meta for the Oculus VR headsets. Toxicity on social platforms is nothing new, but solving it in the Metaverse is going to be crucial if it is to be a digital utopia. There is no public timeframe for the release of Meta’s full metaverse or any other similar platform. It’s certainly plausible that there is a place for the Metaverse in the world, but it remains far from the immersive, idyllic vision sold to us by those hoping to profit from it – There is room for the Metaverse in 2022, but the virtual space is far from perfect (Cointelegraph)

(CNN) Finland and Sweden could soon join NATO, moves that would likely infuriate Moscow and that officials say would further underscore Russia’s strategic error in invading Ukraine. NATO officials told CNN that discussions about Sweden and Finland joining the bloc have gotten extremely serious since Russia’s invasion, and US senior State Department officials said the matter came up at this week’s NATO foreign ministerial, which was attended by the foreign ministers from Stockholm and Helsinki. Officials said the discussions underline the extent to which Vladimir Putin’s invasion has only served to reinvigorate and unify the NATO alliance — the exact opposite of Putin’s stated goals before the war began. The Russian President had demanded that NATO cease expanding east and admitting new members, accusing the bloc of threatening Russian security. Instead, NATO has increased its support to Ukraine and is preparing to welcome new members – Finland and Sweden could soon join NATO, prompted by Russian war in Ukraine (CNN politics)

It’s between these two stone circles that archaeologist Nick Card and his team are excavating a huge settlement of neolithic stone buildings. “For neolithic stone architecture, Orkney blows everywhere else out of the water,” says Neil Wilkin, curator of the British Museum show. In Orkney the inhabitants also built their houses from stone. Orkney was not peripheral or cut off in the stone age; its surrounding waters were not barriers but pathways, to Ireland, to mainland Britain, and beyond. Some of these neolithic finds, like the intricately carved stone balls that turn up here and elsewhere, or the incredible newly discovered Burton Agnes and Folkton “Drums”, little stone cylinders found buried with children in North Yorkshire, have no obvious practical purpose, and are decorated with designs that are obscure to our eyes, dense with irrecoverable significance – ‘Every year it astounds us’: the Orkney dig uncovering Britain’s stone age culture (The Guardian UK edition ~ UK – Scotland – Museums)


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