NEWS DIGEST 24.04.2022: Entertainment news this Sunday

Good morning and happy Sunday!. We bring you news via Facebook.

First Dates’ legendary barman Merlin Griffiths has taken to social media to update his followers after undergoing a life-saving operation following his bowel cancer diagnosis. Merlin, who puts First Dates contestants at ease before meeting their dates on the popular Channel 4 show, first announced his shock diagnosis last September. Although the UK version of Married At First Sight is brilliant, the Australian series takes the drama to the next level! You can watch series 4-8 on All 4 now. If you missed it the first time around, series 1-4 of crime drama Sherlock, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, are available now on the BBC iPlayer. Fancy some love in your life? Join some singletons at Fred Sirieix’s First Dates restaurant, with series 1-18 available on All 4First Dates barman Merlin Griffiths updates fans after bowel cancer operation (KISS ~ ENTERTAINMENT – CELEBRITY)

Then she said something which has stuck in my mind ever since: ‘The problem with all these wokies is they just want to suck all the joy out of life! Don’t let them get away with it, Mr Morgan!’. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the malevolent cancel culture mob better described, nor felt such a sudden surge of clarity for a new purpose in life flow through my veins. That goal begins in earnest tomorrow night with the launch of my daily global TV show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, which will air on Rupert Murdoch’s new TalkTV network in the UK, on Fox Nation in America, and on Sky News Australia. ‘The show is called Piers Morgan Uncensored,’ I replied. To give you some idea, Netflix dropped a new comedy series last week called He’s Expecting, about a man who has a baby. The same thing is happening to other people all over the world, from all walks of life, if they step out of the woke mind virus line. Piers Morgan Uncensored launches tomorrow on TalkTV at 8pm – EXCLUSIVE: Ready to ruffle feathers again with his new TV show, an inimitably combative PIERS MORGAN asks: Why do wokies suck all the joy out of life? (Mail Online Comment)

The age of civilian space travel is upon us, but so far, the only civilians heading to rub shoulders with the ISS are the fabulously wealthy. However, one of humanity’s foremost space innovators has promised us that ‘almost anyone’ will be able afford to go. This is great news for anyone who’s ever wanted to go into orbit. But there’s a big catch – Elon Musk Says ‘Almost Anyone’ Can Come Up With $100K For SpaceX Mars Ticket (Diply)

Exercise may be a great way to get a flood of dopamine – the feel-good hormone – rushing through your body, but we’ve got a less strenuous, arguably more fun, suggestion for you instead: Dopamine Land, now open in London. Open from April 16, in the former South Kensington home of Christie’s Auction House, you’ll find interactive rooms that combine traditional media and innovative technology to create something that’s sure to put a smile on your face. One such room will be flooded with lights, visual effects and platforms you’ll need to jump between, while the popcorn room will be like a life-size ode to the iconic cinema snack, where you’ll be flanked by huge projections of popcorn and the delicious salty, buttery smell. Other rooms are in stark contrast with one another: a high-octane pillow fight room where you can duel with a fluffy weapon in hand, a dazzling infinity room that’s sure to be a popular spot for selfies, and a soothing room that brings a digital forest to west London. The immersive rooms will enable you to unleash your inner child, and really enter a world of happiness, as Dopamine Land’s tagline professes – Find Your Happy Place At The Euphoric Dopamine Land Experience (Secret London)

Former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson punched a fellow airline passenger after the person “threw a water bottle at him,” Tyson’s spokesperson has said. A spokesperson for the boxing Hall of Famer confirmed Tyson had an “incident with an aggressive passenger” who was “harassing him”. According to TMZ, Tyson had agreed to take a picture with the passenger at the beginning of the flight. The man continued to harass Tyson, despite requests from Tyson to “chill”. The video of Tyson striking his fellow passenger includes audio of another person calling “Hey Mike, Mike”, seemingly trying to calm him while another person tries to push Tyson away – Mike Tyson punched plane passenger ‘after bottle thrown’ (BBC News ~ World – US & Canada)


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