NEWS DIGEST 08.05.2022: UK Labour Beergate controversy fizzes up, other stories

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In a bid to regain Labour’s credibility as a government-in-waiting, Sir Keir Starmer began his leadership of the party with a sensible rule not to call on Boris Johnson to quit at every passing opportunity. The Labour leader, and his deputy Angela Rayner, demanded the Prime Minister’s resignation in January when the Metropolitan Police launched its investigation into Downing Street parties. Four months on, the Labour leader is also being investigated by police for alleged breach of those same lockdown laws, when he drank bottles of beer and ate takeaway curry with MPs and aides while working at a constituency office in Durham last April. Having climbed onto a very high moral horse, Sir Keir is now at risk of falling off. In setting the moral bar so high for his opponents, the Labour leader needs to be careful he cannot vault it himself – Beergate: Having climbed onto a very high moral horse, Keir Starmer is now at risk of falling off (i ~ Opinion)

Huge curving walls divide the blue-lit dining spaces inside this restaurant in Shanghai, designed by Chinese studio AD Architecture. Conceived by AD Architecture to deliver an “emotional”, dream-like dining experience, Taste of Dadong is steeped in an inky-blue light that seeps from LED panels in the walls and hidden strip lighting in the ceiling. Diners have the option of sitting at one of the booths that have been dotted around the restaurant’s periphery. A contrasting pop of colour washes over the restaurant’s bar, where the AD Architecture has installed a drinks shelf that emits a fuschia-pink glow. The studio’s Taste of Dadong project is one of many visually-striking restaurants and bars that can be found across the city of Shanghai – Sculptural partitions shape blue-tinged interior of Taste of Dadong restaurant in Shanghai (dezeen)

On May 5, we finally get to see what pre-bump Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were all dressed up for in the streets of New York City during Summer 2021: A$AP Rocky’s “D.M.B.” music video. In the visual, A$AP Rocky flashed a custom diamond statuette finger ring, made by Jason of Beverly Hills – a go-to jeweller for Rocky and Drake. The ring’s statuette supposedly nods to Rihanna’s 2019 British Fashion Awards look – which she attended alongside A$AP Rocky with the two outfitted in ensembles from her since-paused Fenty label. Simply put, Rocky’s Rihanna ring is impressive and romantic – surely enough to make the simp in someone ask, “Me and who?”. With talks of wedding bells for A$AP Rocky and Rihanna, you can’t help but wonder how the wedding rings will look? At this point, it’s only fitting for Rih to get a golden Rocky statuette to join his gilded Rihanna in holy matrimony – A$AP ROCKY’S GILDED RIHANNA RING IS PEAK COUPLE GOALS (Highsnobiety)

For all those who have occasionally wondered just what might lie behind the eternal sunglasses of the famously scary Anna Wintour, the author of a new biography of the longstanding editor-in-chief of American Vogue has momentous news: it seems that there is, after all, “a person there”. While journalist Amy Odell has indeed found several witnesses willing to testify on the record to the existence of this corporeal being, she is, alas, unable to go much further; to explain what motivates Wintour, let alone to reveal what keeps her awake at night. Wintour has said that she relishes America’s classlessness, a statement that somewhat glosses the fact that she got her own start via her father. Debated! The word would come with all the wit and understatement of vintage Maison Margiela were it not for the fact that it is used completely without irony. Wintour has said that she relishes America’s classlessness, a statement that somewhat glosses the fact that she got her own start via her father, Charles Wintour, an Evening Standard editor. As for Wintour’s mean side, her proclivity for ghosting people, freezing their innards with silence, Odell has an alarming tendency to give sympathy to the undeserving – Anna: The Biography by Amy Odell review – the coldest Wintour on record (The Guardian UK edition ~ Culture – Observer book of the week – Biography books)

The good news is that, due to mobile intranet applications, employees may have continuous access to business information right at their fingertips. There are a lot of team messaging tools and applications, so be sure to choose one that makes communications more effective and makes work more collaborative. Marketing communication tools can help companies raise brand recognition and revenue. Every company organization must understand the value of using optimal marketing communication tools for reaching their target consumers across many channels. In the end, when you utilize the appropriate tools for business communication, your team members are more likely to be happier and more productive in their work environments – 6 Tools for Safer Business Communications (TNT ~ Business Ideas)


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