NEWS DIGEST 15.05.2022: Eurovision song contest 2022

Good morning. As we head off into a new week, HEMNA reports to you via Google News – Entertainment.

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra has won the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy on Sunday with their entry “Stefania”, riding a wave of public support to claim an emotional victory that was welcomed by the country’s president. The bookmakers had made Kalush Orchestra the clear favourite for the annual contest, which normally draws a television audience of close to 200 million, based in part on popular sympathy for Ukraine following Russia’s invasion in February. “Our courage impresses the world, our music conquers Europe! Next year Ukraine will host the Eurovision song contest,” he said in an online message. “The victory is very important for Ukraine, especially this year, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Glory to Ukraine!,” band frontman Oleh Psiuk told a news conference, speaking through an interpreter. Speaking after the event, Psiuk said he and the band would head back to Ukraine in two days and were not sure what the future held – Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra wins Eurovision amid Russia’s invasion (Al Jazeera ~ News | Music)

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Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra have won the Eurovision Song Contest, in a symbolic show of public support following the country’s invasion by Russia. But nobody could compete with Ukraine’s act, who had been favourites to win for weeks. Their winning song, Stefania, was originally written as a tribute to frontman Oleh Psiuk’s mother, but it has been re-purposed as a rallying cry for Ukraine amidst the Russian invasion. Speaking backstage, the singer said he hoped Ukraine could stage the contest in 2023. “I’m sure that next year Ukraine will be happy to host Europe in a new, integrated and happy Ukraine.” Several artists expressed solidarity with Ukraine, waving flags and making brief statements on the stage. “Peace for Ukraine! We love you!” announced Iceland’s Systur after their performance. The winning country usually stages the show, but Ukraine is unlikely to have that capability, after its state broadcaster, UA:PBC, was targeted in the opening days of the war – Eurovision 2022: Ukraine wins, while the UK’s Sam Ryder comes second (BBC News ~ Entertainment & Arts)

Sam Ryder shared an emotional hug with Marius Bear after Switzerland’s entry didn’t receive any points from the televoting, despite reaching 17th place in Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final in Turin, Italy. The TikTok star, 32, impressively came second in the competition – the nation’s highest place for more than two decades following years of ‘nul points’ – after being beaten by Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra amid the country’s invasion by Russia. When the Essex-native realised he had been received more favourably by the jury and public vote, he approached the Swiss singer, 29, for an embrace – Sam Ryder emotionally hugs Marius Bear as Switzerland’s entry receives ZERO points in Eurovision’s televoting… while UK is awarded shock second in Grand Final (MailOnline TV & Showbiz)

Fifteen years ago, I landed in Finland to cover my first ever Eurovision Song Contest. “Angry Europeans to use Eurovision to punish UK for leaving,” ran a typical headline in the Express in 2017. But the UK’s average position in the three years before Brexit was 22. Space Man had already earned Sam a record deal when TaP approached him to enter Eurovision. “He’s got a terrific vocal range, and his songwriting is distinct as well,” agrees Radio 2’s Ken Bruce, who’s been commentating on the Eurovision Song Contest since 1986. “His TikTok success is all about great recordings by great artists – and those artists all turned around and got back to Sam and said, ‘You’re fantastic, you’re doing a great job on my song.” “The UK is going to be a force next year. It’s gonna be mad. The UK is going to bust down doors to be a part of Eurovision next year.” I can’t wait to see it – Eurovision 2022: How Sam Ryder turned things around for the UK (BBC News ~ Entertainment & Arts)

Florence Leontine Mary Welch is born in Camberwell, south London, on 28 August to advertising executive Nick Russell Welch and Evelyn Welch, professor of Renaissance studies. Welch begins performing with musician Isabella Summers under the name Florence Robot/Isa Machine. Florence Welch has clocked up an impressive career, one that spans the key moments in pop’s digital age. “Parents who worry that their teenage daughters have few pop role models other than the intemperately sexual Rihannas of the world should be pleased that Florence Welch is back,” said one reviewer. Being loved close up, by contrast, “kind of feels like being crushed”, Welch says in Girls Against GodFlorence Welch: ‘Who am I kidding? I’m a showboat!’ (The Guardian UK edition ~ Culture)


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