NEWS DIGEST 22.05.2022: Essex, South & East London news this weekend

Today’s news comes from InYourArea.

RideLondon returns for its annual event at the weekend of May 27 to 29. This is how Londoners will be impacted by road closures and cyclists in the city. As this will be a three-day event, there will be road closures in place on several roads throughout the city. Victoria Embankment, A3211 – Saturday 28th, 8pm the road closes and reopens at 9pm on the 29th. Blackfriars Underpass, A3211 – Saturday 28th, 8pm the road closes and reopens at 9pm on the 29th. Northumberland Avenue, Saturday 28th, 8pm the road closes and reopens at 9pm on the 29th. Horse Guards Avenue, Saturday 28th, 8pm the road closes and reopens at 9pm on the 29th. Whitehall Place, Saturday 28th, 8pm the road closes and reopens at 9pm on the 29th. Camden – Road closures on May 29. High Holborn, A40 – the road closes at 8am and reopens at 7:30pm. Holborn, A40 – the road closes at 8am and reopens at 7:30pm. Holborn Circus, A40 – the road closes at 8am and reopens at 7:30pm – RideLondon 2022: Road closures, new route, key start times and weather forecast (MyLondon ~ What’s On – What’s On News – Cycling)

Cycle Country by Colin Smith is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Lewisham was the only area in Britain to see a reduction in house prices over the last year. Although every borough in London saw an increase in house prices, the borough of Lewisham was the only location in Britain to see a price fall of 0.5 per cent. Between March 2021 and 2022, the average house price in Kensington and Chelsea rose by 20.3 per cent meaning house prices grew by £671 a day on average. In Richmond upon Thames, prices increased by an average of £253 a day while in Westminster houses prices rose by £209 per day. “I’ve been doing this for 25 years so I’ve kind of seen these trends before. There’s a little bit of a transition now where we’ve had some price rises and it takes a while for opinions to marry up vendors and buyers So I think we’re going into a different phase compared to where we were last year.”London property: The borough which was the only place in Britain where house prices fell last year (MyLondon ~ News – Property)

The Good Pub Guide 2022 has been released showing the best pubs that people have visited across the United Kingdom this year. From pubs with speciality beers to others steeped in history, there is a whole range of pubs on this year’s list. Take a look at this year’s best pubs according to the Good Pub Guide. Their menu offers diners some of the best traditional pub meals around and we particularly like the sound of their honey-roasted ham. Notable items on their menu include their steaks and the pub has its own set menu that some reviewers claim is the best food they’ve ever had. As well as serving exceptional food and drink, the pub offers members of the public the chance to hold events – including pre-function drinks in their garden – Best pubs in Essex: The Essex pubs recommended by the Good Pub Guide 2022 (EssexLive)

A London casino cashier was awarded £74,000 after her work colleagues ‘victimised her’ by organising work drinks in front of her and did not invite her, an employment tribunal found. Rita Leher, 51, said she felt ‘shunned’ by her co-workers at Aspers casino in the Statford Westfield Centre when she was the only one not invited out for work drinks at Las Iguanas. Her colleagues ‘insensitively’ organised the drinks in front of her, which a judge found amounted to ‘victimisation’, The Mirror reports. When she began working at the East London casino in November 2011, Ms Leher already had 22 years of experience in her industry – including as dealer in prestige London casinos and had been a manager of a betting shop. Ms Leher saw ‘numerous’ colleagues in a similar position get promoted, all of whom were younger and not Black or of a mixed race heritage, the tribunal heard – East London casino cashier awarded £74K after colleagues didn’t invite her for drinks and ‘shunned’ her (MyLondon ~ News – East London News – Employment)

When a person dies without leaving a will and there appear to be no family members the estate passes to the Treasury as ownerless property, or ‘Bona Vacantia’. An estate can be anything from property, personal possessions and money. In general, estates held on the Bona Vacantia list can be claimed within a 12-year deadline, from the date the estate was taken into possession of the Crown. You could be entitled to a share of a deceased relative’s property if you are related. There are dozens of estates left unclaimed by people who were either born or died in South East London: – Government reveals the unclaimed estates in South East London (This is Local London ~ News)


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