HEMNA RANDOMISER: News sources selector site launched

Since the coronavirus lockdowns of last year, I have been teaching myself on-and-off some basic website programming, learning and working with “ingredients” like HTML, CSS and JavaScript to cook up different single-serving websites with mostly digital art and interactive functions. My latest project, which I completed just this past Friday, was built especially for use with HEMNA and will revolutionise how I bring news to your computer screens.

Those of you familiar with this blog know that I regularly share news digests, simple and snappy summaries of the latest news and articles of interest, drawn from various sources such as Twitter and the Google News aggregation platform. Currently HEMNA operates a special schedule where every weekend I pick the next news source from a set list, which at the time of this article’s publishing could be found on our ‘About’ page.

My latest website project is going to switch things up though. Instead of observing a strict schedule, I can use the site, named “The News Aggregator Randomiser” to randomly open one of more than twenty different news and current affairs aggregators, with just one click of a button. In addition to our usual news partners, I have now added new news portals such as Yahoo! News and newsmap.jp to broaden our reporting coverage and welcome content from new sources. This not only makes my life a bit easier, but also means news for our readers from a greater number of sources, as to keep them informed from as many diverse news providers as possible. Using a randomiser also helps remove any possible bias from the source selection process, making it completely fair from the news providers’ vantage point.

The website features an eye-catching gradient background by web designer Tutku Tetik, and was built with guidance from Stack Overflow and other coding sources. You can visit the News Aggregator Randomiser yourself at: hemna-newsrandomiser.netlify.app

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