NEWS DIGEST 02.07.2022: Bhutan the sustainable kingdom and other stories from Yahoo! News

Good morning readers! This Saturday morning our news comes from Yahoo! News.

A common question about Bhutan is, where is it? Wedged between India and Tibet, this Himalayan kingdom has flown under the radar of mass tourism for decades. That’s partly because Bhutan has a unique ethos towards tourism. When this isolated country finally opened to tourists in 1974, it adopted a ‘high value, low impact’ policy. It means there are strict controls on how visitors travel in Bhutan – including how much it costs. Ruled by principles of Buddhism rather than business, Bhutan is a country that prioritises Gross National Happiness over Gross Domestic Product. And this idea filters down into every aspect of tourism. To date, Bhutan is also the only carbon-negative country in the world – Sustainability is king in this tiny mountain nation – here’s what other countries can learn from it (Euronews/Yahoo! News)

One of Boris Johnson’s close allies, Chris Pincher, has been suspended as a Conservative MP and will be investigated by parliament’s complaints watchdog after allegations he drunkenly groped two men. Pincher, who resigned as deputy chief whip on Thursday, was reported to the independent complaints and grievance scheme, which looks into allegations of misconduct by MPs. The referral prompted the chief whip, Chris Heaton-Harris, to suspend the whip from his own former deputy after almost 24 hours of pressure on Johnson to act against Pincher – Chris Pincher loses Tory whip over misconduct allegations (The Guardian/Yahoo! News)

Humanity is facing a “perfect storm” of crises that is widening inequality between the north and south, the UN secretary-general has warned. The divide is not only “morally unacceptable” but dangerous, further threatening peace and security in a conflicted world. The global food, energy and financial crises unleashed by the war in Ukraine have hit countries already reeling from the pandemic and the climate crisis, reversing what had been a growing convergence between developed and developing countries, António Guterres said. “Inequalities are still growing inside countries, but they are now growing in a morally unacceptable way between north and south and this is creating a divide which can be very dangerous from the point of view of peace and security.”‘Perfect storm’ of crises is widening global inequality, says UN chief (The Guardian/Yahoo! News)

Walking was something Zara Aleena did reflexively. She had a car but would tramp the two miles between her mother’s and grandmother’s homes in east London most days, with little sense of danger. Whatever the hour, her blue Peugeot was almost always left in its spot on her grandmother’s driveway. With trainers on and her party shoes stashed in her bag, she enjoyed the freedom of her own two feet. In the early hours of Sunday morning, a friend tried to get her into an Uber but she was insistent: walking was what she liked best. Until that night, there had been few signs that her fearlessness was misplaced. But shortly after 2am, while walking to her grandmother’s house in Ilford, Aleena, 35, was attacked and killed. Jordan McSweeney, 29, from Dagenham, has been charged with murder, attempted rape and robbery and was refused bail on Friday – ‘She had no fear’: friends and family to tread last walk of Zara Aleena (The Guardian/Yahoo! News)

Boris Johnson was facing questions over his delay in suspending the Tory whip from an MP accused of drunkenly groping two men at a private members’ club. Fresh allegations emerged against Chris Pincher after the Prime Minister bowed to pressure when an investigation was launched by Parliament’s sexual misconduct watchdog on Friday. Mr Pincher quit as Tory deputy chief whip when allegations of unwanted touching at London’s Carlton Club emerged a day earlier. With the whip suspended, Mr Pincher will sit as an independent in the Commons but was remaining as the MP for Tamworth in Staffordshire, despite opponents saying his position is untenable – Boris Johnson facing questions over delay to suspending ‘groping’ Tory MP (Evening Standard/Yahoo! News)

New South Wales residents are being warned the current bout of wet weather hitting the east coast is only going to get worse, with more rain, powerful winds and surging seas on the way. Two Australian Defence Force helicopters have been made available to assist with rescues as areas of the state brace for intense rainfall and possible flooding. Three flood rescues have already been performed since Friday, with people along parts of the Hawkesbury River being warned they face a major flood risk – Driving rain batters NSW coast as authorities warn of flooding and landslips (The Guardian/AAP/Yahoo! News)

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