NEWS DIGEST 23.07.2022: Latest world news – conflicts, other stories

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An Israeli strike killed three Syrian soldiers and wounded seven others near Damascus early Friday, the Syrian defence ministry said. “The Israeli enemy carried out an air strike… from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan… The aggression killed three soldiers and wounded seven others,” the ministry said in a statement. Syrian air defence intercepted some of the missiles, the statement said. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor said that three more people had been killed and that ten people were wounded in total. The monitor, which relies on a wide network of sources inside Syria, said that the strikes targeted an airforce intelligence facility and a high-ranking officer’s office, also striking a car near the Mezzeh military airport. The missiles also destroyed an “Iranian weapons depot”, the monitor said – Israeli strike kills three Syrian soldiers near Damascus, Syrian ministry (France24 ~ Middle East)

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KATI, Mali, July 22 – Islamist militants struck Mali’s main military base, just outside the capital Bamako, on Friday in a complex attack involving car bombs, but the armed forces said they had repelled the assault and had the situation under control. Militants linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State have repeatedly raided bases across Mali during a decade-long insurgency concentrated in the north and centre but never so close to Bamako in the south. The military said in a statement that the assault involved two car bombs and was carried out by the Katiba Macina, a branch of al Qaeda’s local affiliate that is most active in central Mali. One soldier died in the attack and six people were wounded, while seven assailants were killed and eight arrested, it said. “The military staff wishes to reassure the population that the situation is under control and that it can go about its activities,” the military said. The only major attack to hit Bamako occurred in 2015, when al Qaeda-linked militants killed 20 people at a luxury hotel – Militants attack Mali’s main military base, situation ‘under control’ (Reuters ~ Africa)

TRIPOLI, July 22 – Intense clashes erupted between rival Libyan factions in Tripoli overnight, killing several people and shooting sporadically continued through the morning, a sign of the instability surrounding a political standoff. A security source and a passenger at Tripoli’s main Mitiga airport said flights there had been halted and were being rerouted to the airport at Misrata, about two hours drive from the capital. Libya has been teetering on the edge of chaos for months after the eastern-based parliament rejected the unity government in Tripoli, which was installed through a U.N.-backed process last year, and appointed a rival administration. The parliament-appointed prime minister, Fathi Bashagha, has been unable to move into Tripoli because groups in the capital backing the Government of National Unity there and its prime minister, Abdulhamid al-Dbeibah, have prevented his entry. Western Libyan armed factions battled Haftar during his assault on the capital from 2019-20 and refuse to accept him having influence in Tripoli – something that previously counted against Bashagha but may now also be a problem for Dbeibah – Fighting rips through Libyan capital, killing 13 (Reuters ~ Africa)

(Reuters) – The main mountain border pass between Chile and Argentina reopened this week after a heavy snowfall in the Andes forced it to shutter for about two weeks, stranding thousands of trucks. The backed-up vehicles have been slowly wending their way along the serpentine road, known as “Los Libertadores,” since the pass was reopened on Wednesday. Some of the drivers had been waiting for days. The long waits provoked widespread anger among drivers – Argentina and Chile mountain border reopens after heavy snowfall (Reuters/Yahoo! News ~ News)

A first case of monkeypox has been discovered in the Principality, Dr Olivia Keïta-Perse, head of the epidemiology and hygiene department at the Princess Grace Hospital, said on Thursday evening. The vast majority of cases were in men, with only three women and a child contaminated, according to Public Health France. Again, according to the national public health agency, 97 percent of cases – for which sexual orientation information had been provided – have occurred in men who have had sex with men. In the US, where clusters of cases among homosexuals were reported, the New York Times noted that monkeypox is not a gay disease. In 73 percent of cases the skin eruptions are in the anal and genital area – MONKEYPOX HAS MADE ITS WAY TO MONACO ( Monaco Daily News ~ News)


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