SULLEE J: The Condition ft. Cortez Bodega

Acclaimed rapper and musician Sullee J, from Baltimore in the U.S. has released a fresh new track, entitled “The Condition” alongside Latino rap sensation Cortez Bodega, who hails from Brooklyn in New York. The single’s music video premiered on YouTube worldwide on August 1st and has already surged ahead in popularity, gaining nearly 500 views and 40 likes in its first week of release.

The Condition touches on subjects relevant to our current times, referencing the constant struggles faced as an artist (emcee) and human being in modern-day society. It has a powerful and awesome video, with excellent vocal delivery by both artists, with glitch visual effects interspersed with street scenes of the Brooklyn neighbourhoods, one of the places where rap came of age many years ago. Music was produced by Evince Beats x Beast Inside Beats and released on the GlobalFaction label. The mixing and mastering was done by Ali Ismail.

The Condition is out now on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

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