NEWS DIGEST 21.08.2022: This weekend’s world news from Twitter

Today we bring you news from Twitter.

The Southern District Court of New York announced the date of the preliminary hearing of complaints against Ebrahim Raisi on November 15, 2022. Judge Jesse Furman, on behalf of the court, notified the lawyers of all the parties to the complaint to participate in the preliminary session that will be held online on the morning of November 15. The judge added: The parties are ordered to send a joint letter, as well as the case management plan and the proposed deadline, which will be submitted to the court as a document. The judge has asked the lawyers who received the instruction to immediately inform the lawyers of the other parties of the complaint who have not yet appeared by sending a copy of the court order. The judge has decided that if there is no information about the identity of Ibrahim Raisi’s lawyer, the lawyer who receives this order should immediately send a copy of this order and the rules and procedures of the court to Ibrahim Raisi – Complaint against Ebrahim Raisi, President of Iran’s regime, in the Southern District Court of New York (iran panorama/WordPress ~ News)

More drone attacks against Russian targets have been reported in Crimea. The unconfirmed reports follow a string of attacks against Russian military sites and equipment in the annexed peninsula over the past week. Unverified videos appear to show smoke rising from the area in Sevastopol where Russia’s Black Sea fleet is based. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s president says the safety of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant can start to be restored by a visit of international inspectors. Voldymyr Zelensky was speaking after Vladimir Putin said UN officials would be granted permission to visit the site. Moscow and Kyiv have blamed each other for shelling the complex, which is controlled by Russia, raising fears of a catastrophe – LIVE More drone attacks against Russia in Crimea – reports (BBC News ~ World)

NEW YORK, Aug 19 – Under the watch of counterterrorism officers and police in tactical gear, hundreds of people gathered in front of the New York Public Library on Friday to show support for Salman Rushdie, the author stabbed multiple times at a literary event a week ago. Police say Rushdie was attacked by a 24-year-old New Jersey man who rushed a stage and stabbed the writer in the neck and torso at a literary festival in western New York last week. Attendees spoke of their worries for themselves and other writers following the attack. While the death sentence, or fatwa, ordered on Rushdie by Iran was among the most high-profile threats, many authors say harassment and calls for violence have become part of the experience of being a writer. At the New York Public Library, some writers said they did not fear gathering in public – Safety concerns loom as writers show public support for Rushdie (Reuters ~ World)

LIMA, May 30 – A team of archaeologists has discovered a network of passageways under a more than 3,000-year-old temple in the Peruvian Andes. Chavin de Huantar temple, located in the north-central Andes, was once a religious and administrative center for people across the region. The passageways were found earlier in May and have features believed to have been built earlier than the temple’s labyrinthine galleries, according to John Rick, an archaeologist at Stanford University who was involved in the excavation. Located 3,200 meters above sea level, at least 35 underground passageways have been found over the years of excavations, which all connect with each other and were built between 1,200 and 200 years B.C. in the foothills of the Andes. “It’s a passageway, but it’s very different. It’s a different form of construction. It has features from earlier periods that we’ve never seen in passageways,” Rick said – Archaeologists discover passageways in 3,000-year-old Peruvian temple (Reuters ~ Americas)

All that’s just at Manchester United! The appalling start to Erik ten Hag’s reign has served as a much-needed wake-up call to the club that serious additions are needed before it’s too late. His imminent arrival all but spells the end of United’s lengthy Frenkie de Jong chase, which may well come as a disappointment to Ten Hag, but now he at least has the destroyer United are in much more need of than a controlling midfielder. In an ideal world, United may keep tabs on De Jong and still get him in too if the stand-off with Barcelona is ever resolved, because what a midfield that would suddenly be. It may be too late for anyone to come in who can dislodge David de Gea despite his obvious unsuitability to Ten Hag’s ideal style of play, so his place in the starting XI seems pretty secure for the time being. Ten Hag may still want to add another technical midfielder to his squad after a move for Adrien Rabiot collapsed but the signing of Casemiro has already seen a considerable upgrade – Manchester United’s dream starting XI with two more signings after Casemiro (Manchester Evening News ~ Sport – Football – Manchester United Transfer News)


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