ND 06.11.2022: Peculiar UK news via Facebook

Good morning. Today our news comes from Facebook.

A MUM who gave birth in the back of a cab at 40mph was shocked when the firm sent her a £60 cleaning bill days after she welcomed her baby. Farah Cacanindin, 26, unexpectedly went into labour five ­minutes into a 13-mile trip to hospital for a routine check-up. She delivered daughter Naia herself in the Vauxhall Vivaro while the cabbie phoned ahead to alert staff at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Days later, Farah, from High Wycombe, Bucks, was billed £90 by Arrow Taxis – for a £30 fare plus the resulting clean-up. Farah wrapped Naia in her jacket after the arrival on the A4128 at Cryers Hill, Bucks. She said: “When we got to hospital, midwives were waiting and were shocked.” She added: “The funny thing is the taxi firm is just down our road. “I see the van I gave birth in right outside my house.”IT’S SO UNFARE! I gave birth in the back of a taxi – I was shocked when the cab firm sent me the clean-up bill (The Sun ~ Exclusive – Motors)

A pub with a three-bedroom flat just outside of Glasgow has gone up for sale with an asking price of £75,000. The property is found on a prominent corner site on the main thoroughfare in Milngavie, and has been a public house for 137 years. It has been a pub in Milngavie town centre enjoyed by generations, it is in fact the only ‘traditional’ pub in the local area. “This traditional pub also benefits from a 3 bedroom flat upstairs in which the manager currently resides.” Glasgow one of top five hottest UK 2023 destinations according to Booking.com – Glasgow property: Pub with 3 bedroom flat just outside city for sale for £75,000 (Glasgow Live ~ News – Glasgow News – Property)

A widow has been left “absolutely furious” after the Hilton hotel cancelled her Christmas Day lunch – so they can fit electric vehicle charging points. Lorna’s table is one of eight Christmas Day bookings which have been cancelled by the hotel on Bottle Bank, so an engineer can turn off the electricity and fit electric vehicle charging points. I said ‘Well I find this very difficult to understand, with the way business has been these last few years. Christmas is a big time for anyone to make profit. I find it very difficult to understand that men would want to come in and work over the Christmas period’.” Lorna said it’s been difficult to try and find somewhere else for lunch on Christmas Day at such short notice. Martin Robinson, General Manager of Hilton Newcastle Gateshead, said: “We are fitting electric vehicle charging points at the hotel, and the engineer has to isolate the hotel’s electricity to do this.”Widow ‘furious’ after Hilton cancels Christmas lunch – so they can fit vehicle charging points (Chronicle Live ~ News – North East News – Gateshead)

So you can imagine the joy one woman felt, followed by surprise, when she boarded a near-empty bus but a stranger sat next to her. Explaining what happened in a post to Reddit, the woman, 22, wrote: “So I was sitting on a bus today, it was gonna be a 4 hour journey, and it was less than 5 minutes before the bus had to leave. “I then move a couple of seats behind the row I was sitting at. He gives me a really dirty look then and when I was getting off the bus, he rolled his eyes at me. Oh, also it’s a direct bus by the way, there was no stops along the way. I understand that my actions probably seemed very rude, but I just honestly didn’t feel like sitting beside a stranger for that length of time, when the bus was basically empty.” Her post continued: “Like it’s nice to stretch yourself out on a journey that long and not have to mind someone else’s personal space, and I also didn’t feel like talking. But I feel guilty thinking I offended him or upset him, like the more I think of it the more guilty I feel. He obviously wanted someone to talk to but if it was a short journey I would’ve, but I didn’t wanna be stuck with him to find out he’s a weirdo and then make it more awkward by then moving after talking to him.” One commenter said: “He was being creepy. You don’t have to worry about hurting random men’s feelings when they’re giving you unwanted attention.”Be civil and polite but don’t spend one second worrying about whether you hurt the feelings of some creepy guy on the bus” – Woman baffled as stranger sits next to her on empty bus – then gets angry when she moves (Mirror)

Parking restrictions at a retail park have been branded “ridiculous” by dozens of shoppers who have been fined £100 for staying for more than three hours. Cafe owner Jacqui Geen is among a number of visitors who have hit out at the rules at Ashford Retail Park in Sevington after receiving a ticket last month. Signs say shoppers can park for free for up to three hours but Mrs Geen – who runs The Little Teapot and Little Teacup cafes in Ashford town centre with her husband – says they are not obvious enough and has vowed never to return. “For a retail park tucked away on the edge of town the parking restrictions are strange.” “Not from Ashford and never known a retail park have a three-hour limit.”‘Ridiculous’ parking restrictions at Ashford Retail Park in Sevington slammed by shoppers hit with fines (Kent Online ~ Ashford – News – Article)


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