ND 26.11.2022: U.S. and China news via Yahoo! news and Upstract

Good morning readers. News today is from the Yahoo! News section at Upstract (headline prompts).

Nov. 25—Robert C. Gagnon, the man at the center of Wednesday’s lethal rampage in the Milford area, had been released two days earlier from a Manchester jail, where he had spent nearly a month for violating a protective order filed by a woman seeking to divorce him. Gagnon, 45, also has a criminal history that includes convictions for several felonious sexual assaults in 1999, drug possession, drunken driving and receiving stolen property, according to online court records. As of Friday, authorities had not connected a non-fatal shooting and a bludgeoning death to the pending divorce of Robert and Jennifer Gagnon, who lives in Wilton – Accused released from jail two days before rampage; second victim not shot, died from beating (New Hampshire Union Leader, Manchester/Yahoo! news ~ News)

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

The state agency that oversees child protective services and a legislative oversight committee have filed opposing written arguments over access to confidential case records, a legal dispute that lawmakers say will test the Maine Constitution’s separation of powers. The Legislature’s powerful Government Oversight Committee sued the state Department of Health and Human Services after the agency refused to comply with a subpoena to provide the committee with confidential child protective case files as part of its investigation into the deaths of four young children in the summer of 2021. Instead of giving the information to lawmakers, the agency delivered the files to the state’s independent, nonpartisan watchdog agency, the Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability, which will review the records and issue a report to the committee. State law allows the release of confidential information to “an appropriate state executive or legislative official with responsibility for child protective services, provided that no personally identifying information be made available unless necessary to that official’s functions.” In all, 29 children died last year and at least 27 had some sort of child protective history before or during their lives, according to state data, which is not a comprehensive list of all child deaths – State agency, legislative committee clash in court over child protection records (Press Herald ~ Local & State)

Seven words that Mike Pence said declining to appear before the House committee investigating the U.S. Capitol riot should prohibit the former vice president from ever holding public office again, a former federal prosecutor has argued. In a YouTube video released this week, Glenn Kirschner issued a damning critique of Pence’s claim that “Congress has no right to my testimony” about the Jan. 6 insurrection. Kirschner, who was a prosecutor in the District of Columbia’s U.S. attorney’s office for more than two decades, noted how Congress has a legitimate purpose in trying to find out what happened with Trump’s attempted overthrow of the 2020 election result ― which Pence ultimately nixed, despite pressure from Trump and his supporters, who chanted “Hang Mike Pence” on the day of the violence – Ex-Prosecutor Says 7 Words Should Disqualify Mike Pence From Holding Office Again (HuffPost/Yahoo! news ~ News)

An 8-year-old Chinese boy from Hunan province in central China was reportedly forced to watch television all night by his parents as punishment for not finishing his homework and watching too much TV. The boy’s parents asked him to finish his homework and go to bed by 8:30 p.m. when they left their home, but instead of complying, the boy chose to watch TV instead of doing his tasks or showering – Chinese boy watches TV ‘too much,’ gets punished with all-night TV binge (Nextshark/Yahoo! news ~ News)

A gun rights group, sheriff and gun store owner filed an emergency motion in federal court late Wednesday seeking to stop enforcement of one of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. The gun control measure narrowly approved by Oregon voters is set go into effect on Dec. 8. The measure requires residents to obtain a permit to purchase a gun, bans magazines that hold more than 10 rounds except in some circumstances and creates a statewide firearms database. “Banning magazines over 10 rounds is no more likely to reduce criminal abuse of guns then banning high horsepower engines is likely to reduce criminal abuse of automobiles,” the lawsuit said. Proponents also say it would reduce suicides – which account for 82% of gun deaths in the state – mass shootings and other gun violence – Group files emergency motion to stop Oregon gun control law (The Associated Press/ABC News)


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