ND 29.01.2023: Newslookup.com – US political news from right-leaning sources

Good morning. This Sunday the news is brought to you via Newslookup.com, with the latest U.S. political and general stories, mainly from a conservative perspective.

A Democratic congresswoman, Lois Frankel, who is a member of the Safe Climate Caucus, has invested up to $195,000 in six oil and gas companies between March 2020 and December 2022. Despite her commitment to fighting climate change, Frankel’s investment in these companies has been criticized by some left-leaning groups such as 350.org who demand that all Congressional leaders should divest from the fossil fuel industry. The congresswoman’s trades are managed by an independent money manager who buys and sells stocks at his discretion, according to Frankel. However, critics say she can communicate her trade preferences to the money manager and should be fully aware of what she is invested in – House Democrat on climate change caucus rakes in cash from oil and gas investments (The Washington Examiner ~ CONGRESS)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A shooting occurred at the Holyoke Mall in southwestern Massachusetts on Saturday, in which an innocent bystander was killed during a confrontation between two known parties. A suspect has been taken into custody by the police department. The mall will reopen on Sunday morning – Massachusetts mall shooting kills bystander, suspect caught (AP ~ AP News)

Republican governors have bussed thousands of immigrants to Washington, D.C., causing the city to struggle to absorb the large number of noncitizens in a short time period. Some of the immigrants are choosing to stay, raising capacity concerns for the local government. According to D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, the city does not have the existing infrastructure to assist the migrants and has to provide services to those who don’t have another place to go, which is stressful for the city. The D.C. Council has voted in favor of the Migrant Services and Supports Emergency Act of 2022 to support the city’s response to the migrant crisis. However, there are objections within the community about the lack of protections for the immigrants, who will not be offered a path to citizenship or the same services as other residents. Both the city and Republican governors have received reimbursement grants from the federal government but have expressed that they still need more assistance. The recently passed omnibus funding bill has transferred $800 million to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to support cities facing an influx of migrant arrivals – DC wants federal government to solve migrant crisis as it buckles under influx (The Washington Examiner ~ BORDER CRISIS)

In “The Next American Economy: Nation, State, and Markets in an Uncertain World,” Samuel Gregg argues that both the progressive and conservative critics of free markets have failed to take into account the full facts and the public interest in relation to constitutional principles and 21st-century exigencies. He makes a case for economic freedom built around property rights, limited government, rule of law, entrepreneurship, competition, and free trade. He argues that free markets foster opportunity, growth, civil society, and human flourishing, and that they best serve American constitutional government, security, individual liberty, and prosperity. He also critiques two forms of government intervention in the economy, protectionism and industrial policy, arguing that they both raise costs, divert resources and labor from their most productive employment, and leave the nation worse off in the long term – Reinvigorating America’s Commercial Republic (RealClear Politics ~ COMMENTARY)

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed a lawsuit against Google, alleging the company has monopolized the digital advertising market. The suit is in partnership with 8 states and accuses Google of driving out rivals, reducing competition, inflating advertising costs, and stifling innovation over a 15-year period. Tech industry advocates have spoken out, arguing that the DOJ’s definition of the relevant market is too narrow and that Google is still forced to compete with other tech companies, including Amazon and Facebook. Critics also argue that Google’s share of the digital ad market has been declining in recent years, which supports the argument that it is facing competition. The DOJ’s case is one of five antitrust lawsuits filed against Google in recent years, and the company is currently in the process of cutting costs – Industry argues Google doesn’t monopolize advertising if print and TV are counted (Washington Examiner ~ TECHNOLOGY)


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