ND 25.02.2023: Latest alt-tech news from Unfeeder

Good morning readers. This Saturday we turn to Unfeeder for the current news headlines.

Google TV is now showcasing the watchlist of award-winning director Chloé Zhao on the “Watch with Me” block on the homescreen of Chromecast, TCL, and Sony Bravia with Google TV. The list includes movies such as The Lord of the Rings, Blade Runner 2049, and TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Mad Men. Google TV interviewed Zhao about her picks, which can be found on the Google TV homescreen – Google TV showcases the watchlist of Chloé Zhao, director of Nomadland and Eternals [Video] (9TO5Google)

Credits: DALL-E 2/Vijay Shah

Edison Mail has added new features that allow users to customize their email experience. Users can now edit the bottom bar to put their most-used buttons there, and swipe on emails to mark them as spam and block the sender for good. The update also includes improvements to the backend spam blocking. Existing Edison Mail users can download the update now, while new users can grab it from the App Store – Edison Mail gains new customizations and spam-blocking swipe gestures (iMore ~ Home > Apps)

To farm max-level gear in Dying Light 2, you can hunt in the sunken city for sunken airdrops, with the three uppermost left-hand chests containing the best loot including level 9 weapons and gear pieces. Additionally, you can complete legendary world events after completing the campaign for level 9 rewards, and visit vendors to buy high-level gear with high-quality components. The GRE crates in the sunken city also respawn loot after they’ve been opened – How to get the best Level 9 weapons and gear in Dying Light 2 (Windows Central ~ Home > Gaming)

As per the latest OxygenOS update, OnePlus 9RT smartphones are receiving system stability improvements and optimization to the proximity sensor performance for improved calling experience. OnePlus 9RT owners can install the update through Settings > System > System updates. OnePlus is also testing Android 12 based OxygenOS 12 with OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro users through a Closed Beta Program – OnePlus 9RT gets a new OxygenOS update, but no need to get excited (MSPOWERUSER)

The Sims 4’s new Neighborhood Stories feature, which allows non-player Sims to make their own life choices, has been expanded with a new free update. The update includes changes such as allowing Sims to adopt children or pets, get pregnant, join or leave careers, move households, and even die in accidents. Additionally, players can now adjust the settings to their preferences or disable the feature altogether. The new additions to Neighborhood Stories are now available to players – New Sims 4 update gives neighbors more free will, potential accidental deaths (Polygon ~ NEWS – PLAYSTATION – PC)


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