ND 26.02.2022: Family of Abby Choi charged with her gruesome murder in Hong Kong; other world news from 1stHeadlines

Happy Sunday morning. The news today comes from 1stHeadlines Breaking News Headlines.

Hong Kong police have charged the former father-in-law and eldest son of model Abby Choi with murder, while her mother-in-law has been charged with perverting the course of justice, after the discovery of Choi’s body parts in a refrigerator in a rural village home in Tai Po. Her ex-husband has also been arrested but not yet charged. Police found tools used to dismember human bodies in the flat, along with human tissue in pots of soup. Choi had financial disputes with her ex-husband and his family involving tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars, according to Superintendent Alan Chung – Hong Kong model’s in-laws face charges in grisly killing (The Associated Press/ABC News)

El Salvador has moved around 2,000 suspected gang members to a newly opened “mega prison” as part of a crackdown on crime that has caused the country’s prison population to surge. The 40,000-person-capacity prison is considered the largest in the Americas. President Nayib Bukele’s controversial anti-crime measures, which suspended some constitutional rights, have led to more than 64,000 arrests. Human rights organizations have criticized the policy, stating that innocent people have been caught up in the crackdown, including dozens who have died in police custody. However, Bukele’s anti-gang push remains widely popular with Salvadorans – El Salvador begins transferring thousands to ‘mega prison’ amid gang crackdown (CNN ~ World)

The New York Times article discusses the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the war of words between Russia and the West over who is more interested in ending the conflict peacefully. Analysts and Western officials say that serious peace talks are difficult to envision as both sides have set conditions for negotiations that cannot be met anytime soon, and have vowed to fight until victory. However, both sides also have a keen interest in showing an openness to negotiations, largely as a strategic move. The article suggests that Russia’s rhetoric about being more willing to negotiate than the West is aimed largely at India and other non-aligned powers, who have not taken clear sides in the conflict. Meanwhile, U.S. officials say their goal is to strengthen Kyiv’s hand in eventual peace negotiations, without specifying when they might come. Pro-negotiation efforts in Western governments have gained little traction, and support for more active peace efforts is growing in several countries – In Ukraine War, Talking About Peace Is a Fight of Its Own (The New York Times ~ Russia-Ukraine War)

Over 30 migrants, including a baby, died after an overloaded boat sank off southern Italy. The boat reportedly broke apart near the coastal town of Crotone with around 100 people on board. Many bodies have been recovered from a nearby seaside resort, and dozens of survivors have been rescued. The boat is believed to have sunk after it crashed against rocks during rough weather. The migrants are thought to be from Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, but the vessel’s origin is unclear. Italy’s new right-wing government has vowed to stem the flow of migrants reaching its shores – Italy shipwreck: Dozens of migrants killed in Calabria shipwreck (BBC News ~ World – Europe)

Two suspects in Tennessee have been arrested for allegedly trafficking a 17-year-old girl for commercial sex. The teenager was rescued during a traffic stop, and the suspects were taken into custody. Chadwick Corley and Zoe Whitlock are accused of sex trafficking the girl, and were each charged with Trafficking for Commercial Sex Acts. The suspects had their bond set at $120,000, and the girl was transported to Nashville for medical care – Two people arrested in Tennessee for alleged sex trafficking of teenage girl (FOX News ~ TENNESSEE)


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