ND 26.03.2023: Honduras ends diplomatic links with Taiwan; other stories – 1stHeadlines

Good morning. Today’s news comes via 1stHeadlines Breaking News Headlines.

On Sunday, Honduras established diplomatic relations with China and broke off ties with Taiwan. The Chinese Foreign Ministry hailed the decision as “the right choice,” and the new ties signify growing Chinese influence in Latin America amid rising tensions between Beijing and the United States. The Honduran Foreign Ministry stated that it recognizes “only one China in the world,” with Beijing as the only legitimate government representing all of China. Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister, Joseph Wu, announced that Taiwan had ended its relations with Honduras to safeguard its sovereignty and dignity. Taiwan still maintains ties with Belize, Paraguay, Guatemala, and Vatican City in Latin America, and with other countries across the globe. Experts warn that China’s narrative about the benefits of its investments and projects in Honduras may turn out to be illusory, as has been the case in some other countries – Honduras establishes ties with China after Taiwan break (The Associated Press/ABC News)

Photo by aboodi vesakaran on Pexels.com

An off-duty Orlando firefighter, Lt. Ben Wootson, saved the life of a Seminole County Sheriff’s deputy after witnessing a fiery collision involving the officer’s patrol vehicle. Wootson, who was taking his son to a soccer game, saw the deputy’s vehicle crash into an overpass bridge and catch fire shortly after. He ensured his son’s safety before leaving his car to check on the trapped deputy. Wootson was able to pull the deputy to safety before his patrol car was engulfed in flames. He used the deputy’s radio to notify dispatch of the incident and request medical assistance. The deputy was taken to a hospital and was in stable condition as of Saturday evening. The Orlando Fire Department praised Wootson’s bravery and reminded the public that firefighters are never off-duty. The department’s union commended Wootson’s quick thinking and sound judgment that saved the deputy’s life – Off-duty Orlando firefighter honored after saving deputy from burning patrol car: ‘Heroic actions’ (Fox News ~ US)

A deadly tornado has caused destruction in Mississippi, killing at least 25 people and injuring dozens more. President Joe Biden issued an emergency declaration for Mississippi, making federal funding available for recovery efforts. Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Deanne Criswell is set to visit the state on Sunday to evaluate the destruction. The tornado, which received a preliminary EF-4 rating, flattened entire blocks and destroyed homes and commercial buildings, as well as a municipal water tower. Even as recovery efforts are underway, the National Weather Service has warned of a risk of more severe weather in the region. Other parts of the Deep South were also affected by suspected twisters – Biden declares emergency as crews dig through storm wreckage (Associated Press/New York Post ~ News)

The Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Ukraine’s most revered Orthodox site, is facing a government eviction that has sparked a struggle for control of the monastery between the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) and the government. The dispute is part of a wider religious conflict playing out in parallel with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The government is cracking down on the UOC over its historic ties to the Russian Orthodox Church, whose leader, Patriarch Kirill, has supported Russian President Vladimir Putin in the invasion of Ukraine. The UOC insists that it’s loyal to Ukraine, has denounced the Russian invasion, and has even declared its independence from Moscow. However, Ukrainian security agencies have claimed that some in the Ukrainian church have maintained close ties with Moscow. The complex has been called the “pearl of Ukraine” and the “Vatican” of Ukrainian Orthodoxy – Tensions on the rise at revered Kyiv monastery complex (Associated Press/ABC News)

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has been released from a rehabilitation facility where he had physical therapy for a concussion caused by a fall earlier this month. He will work from home for the next few days. McConnell fell while at dinner on March 8 after a hotel reception for a campaign committee aligned with him, resulting in a concussion and a rib fracture. In a statement, he said he will follow the advice of his physical therapists and hopes to return to the Senate soon. McConnell has a history of falls, including one in 2017 that caused a shoulder fracture requiring surgery, and has acknowledged difficulty climbing stairs due to polio as a child. He has been the Senate leader since 2007 and became the longest-serving Senate leader in January 2023 – Mitch McConnell leaves rehab facility after therapy for concussion (Associated Press/New York Post ~ News)


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