HUMOUR MOMENT: The hare and the tortoise

  What would probably have happened if the hare and tortoise were to have their fabled race in today’s modern era. Slow and corrupt surely wins the race. IMAGE CREDITS: Cheng Sinzhan. Radio Plus – Mauritius/Ile-Maurice, Facebook, Facebook Inc. Related articles Movement Story – The Tortoise and the Hare This writing app deletes everything if you stop typing Continue reading HUMOUR MOMENT: The hare and the tortoise

VIDEO MOMENT: Gangster Crab

  You’ve probably met the hermit crab, the seashore crab and the hairy mitten crab. Now say hello to the gangster crab. This is not one to be tussled with. This video, from the Facebook page of DJ VLADER, a disc jockey who has worked with Snoop Dogg and won the DJ Award five times, features the hand of an extremely brave soul attempting to disarm a gangster crab somewhere in eastern Europe. The crab, however, is not up for donating to the local knife amnesty and uncannily wields the blue-handled blade to stop probably becoming the seafood special for that … Continue reading VIDEO MOMENT: Gangster Crab

HUMOUR MOMENT: Find the girl!

Your mission….should you choose to accept it….is to look at the spy code matrix from CIA special ops below and locate the missing girl. We believe her last known whereabouts to have been in Calabasas, California. You have all the time in the world. Feel free to make a coffee, and get me one too while you’re there. Two sugars and milky por favor. The world’s safety….and eardrums…are at stake!! Apologies in advance to any fans of a certain mischievous Canadian pop singer….or spelling pedants. The CIA data operatives are so busy crunching code they barely have time to read … Continue reading HUMOUR MOMENT: Find the girl!

PHOTO MOMENT: Reincarnating Thor – 9GAG

with Sheik Atchia (contributor) In Norse religion, Thor was the god of Thunder. All powerful, he was the strongest of the Aesir, the principal family of gods. Armed with a thunderbolt and mighty hammer, he governed mankind and presided over earthly matters…and lightning storms. Fast forward 1,500 years, and Thor reincarnated onto our television screens via a successful run of comics by Marvel. He’s even switched genders. It seems no transformation is beyond the mighty Lord of Thunder’s immense powers, and lately, he’s been really experimenting. With a little help from the funny pictures warehouse 9GAG, Thor has used his godly … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Reincarnating Thor – 9GAG

HUMOUR MOMENT: The dog and the donkey

with Noor Malick Akbarali (contributor) Today’s Humour Moment comes from a submission volunteered by my friend and colleague Noor. He works with me at our events and conferences company based in Euston, London. He originally comes from India and is a graduate in computer sciences and engineering from the University of Madras, in the south Indian city of Chennai. He speaks fluent Tamil and is a big fan of cats. He is also a technological whizzkid and once hacked into his Farmville account on a social media site and awarded himself $2 million. I have known him for around five years, … Continue reading HUMOUR MOMENT: The dog and the donkey

HUMOUR MOMENT: A cheesy joke from the Co-Operative

  Q. What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? A. Nacho Cheese! This Saturday’s Humour Moment is dedicated to the cheesy joke. These are the sort of mildly hilarious jokes that make you titter and groan in equal measure. Humour-wise they smell worse than an entire overturned lorry of Stinking Bishop fromage on the North Circular, but are incredibly useful for entertaining the little ones as they grapple with their Cheestrings, Babybels and Dairylea Lunchables. This picture was originally published by the Co-operative group of companies from the U.K. The Co-operative Group is an ethical company that is involved … Continue reading HUMOUR MOMENT: A cheesy joke from the Co-Operative

HUMOUR MOMENT: Catch a bite with Luis Suarez

Recently, Uruguayan star footballer and all-round werewolf Luis Suarez has found himself hanging by the skin of his teeth with FIFA after sinking his gnashers into an opponent in the recent World Cup match between Uruguay and Italy. It’s not the first time Suarez has taken a nibble of a rival sportsperson but this time round the act was witnessed by millions of people and is now the minions at the Facebook meme factory have had all their annual leave cancelled as the clearly underfed South American striker’s antics go global. The Half-Eaten Mind presents a selection of brand-new photos and … Continue reading HUMOUR MOMENT: Catch a bite with Luis Suarez

VIDEO MOMENT : Dancing Indian horse

A quick video of a horse rhythmically trotting to the beat of a dhol drum. This was shared on Whatsapp by my sister Alia and is also my first post via the WordPress app on my mobile. Enjoy!!!!! SOURCE: “Horse Dancing On Drum Beat!!” – Christine Trowbridge, YouTube GB (11 December 2013) LINK Related articles Indian Wedding Food & Dance Trends Baraat in Indian weddings Jayamangala Dance Company Continue reading VIDEO MOMENT : Dancing Indian horse

HUMOUR MOMENT: Snow-shovelling – There’s no app for that?!!

with Vipul Bhundia (image contributor) Those of you who are currently living or visiting the United States and Canada, or do not live there but have been following the news this past week, are presumably very much aware of the weird weather phenomenon that is gripping the north American continent. A body of extremely bitter cold air from the Arctic tundra has meandered its way down south and has enveloped the continent in very cold temperatures close to -40 to -50 degrees Celsius, coupled with heavy snow drifts. This phenomenon has been referred to by both meteorologists and the news … Continue reading HUMOUR MOMENT: Snow-shovelling – There’s no app for that?!!

HUMOUR MOMENT: Ladies of a certain age

S. Nungesser (contributor/images) Vijay Shah (editor) It’s been a long time coming, but today the Half-Eaten Mind brings you a Humour Moment kindly donated by a friend who submitted it by email. It’s a quick and ruthless coffee-table joke about how some people never grow old graciously but also makes a giggle of that blessed ecstasy in getting a second chance at life, even though that chance might get quickly taken away, as the lady in the joke unfortunately finds out. Whether it’s ‘mutton dressed as lamb’, embarrassing their grandchildren with blood-curdling renditions of Take That songs, or splattering on a bit … Continue reading HUMOUR MOMENT: Ladies of a certain age