BBC GENOME PROJECT: What was on the telly when you was born

The British public service broadcaster the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has launched the beta version of a new online project that will enable people to find out what programmes were broadcast on UK television and radio on the date they were born. The BBC Genome Project is a fascinating new online archive of the BBC’s flagship publication, Radio Times, a radio and television listings magazine that has been published continuously since the 1920s. The Genome Project, which despite its name has no connection to the Human Genome Project or to any organisation in the field of scientific research, was set up by the BBC  to encourage its viewers and listeners to search their homes and garages for any … Continue reading BBC GENOME PROJECT: What was on the telly when you was born

BIRTHDAY SPECIAL: Vijay turns 30

Say R.I.P. to your amazing twenties As you enter your boring thirties Say goodbye to your crazy ways Say hello to monotonous days Bid adieu to irresponsibility As you strive towards accountability Don’t worry, I am just fooling around Don’t let this rhyme bring you down You will have the best time at thirty So chill out, relax and take it easy Happy 30th birthday Yesterday, Saturday 4th October 2014, I officially kissed my eventful years of being a twenty-something goodbye and said “Oh hi…er…Hello” to my third decade and thirtieth year of milling around on this green, green planet. … Continue reading BIRTHDAY SPECIAL: Vijay turns 30