ROAD MISHAP IN MAURITIUS: Car overturned in shopping district

Bagatelle – VIJAY SHAH via

A road accident on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius saw a car overturn and end up on its roof today in the town of Bagatelle, famed for its popular shopping mall, the French-language website reported today.

Few details of the accident or its cause were published by the news outlet but a picture shown with their report shows bystanders clustering around the stricken auto, which had completely overturned, its four wheels hovering in the air. It is not known if there are any injuries or fatalities. What appeared to be the front of the silver-coloured car is entirely mangled and the doors were open, possibly as people were helped or removed from the vehicle.


The exact location of the accident was not published, apart from a mention that the incident took place in the ‘heights’ of Bagatelle, an area of the Moka District which lies less than two kilometres from the town of Rose Hill-Beau Bassin, about 20 minutes’ drive south from the Mauritian capital, Port Louis. The area draws many shoppers to its signature Bagatelle Mall, the Mauritian equivalent of Westfield.

Rising prosperity on the island has seen an explosion in the number of vehicles on its roads, leading to frequent traffic jams even in smaller towns. Accidents have also become more commonplace. According to the government agency Statistics Mauritius, 149 people are killed annually on Mauritian roads with 268 serious injuries in the same time period.


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FLACQ CAR ACCIDENT: Child dies after collision

Bon Accueil – VIJAY SHAH via LOVINA SOPHIE and L’Express


A 12-year-old boy from the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius has died after being struck by a car in the Flacq district of the island’s east, according to local newspaper L’Express.

The child, named in the report as Krish Khunkhun, a resident of the town of Bon Accueil – around 15 kilometres from Mauritius’ capital, Port Louis – was admitted to hospital after being struck by a pick-up truck yesterday. The vehicle had been reversing at the time, L’Express noted.

Khunkhun was admitted to the district hospital in intensive care soon after the accident, but tragically passed on from his injuries this morning. The truck driver, a 30-year-old local identified as Avinash Ramyad, was detained by police. Though he passed a breathalyser test, he was found to be driving without a licence and was duly arrested. Ramyad is scheduled to appear at the Bail and Remand Court today.

Police in the neighbouring community of Brisée-Verdière have opened a case into the fatal accident and plan to carry out a post-mortem to establish the direct causes of the little boy’s death.


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SOCAL PLANE CRASH: Five reported killed


Five people have been reported killed after a small plane crashed into a car park in southern California state, USA yesterday according to a report published by news network CNN.

The Orange County Fire Authority told CNN that a Cessna 414 twin-engine craft en route to the John Wayne Airport in the same county lost control and crashed into the car park in the city of Santa Ana, according to the Fire Authority’s report source, Capt. Tony Bommarito, a public information officer.


The five who perished were all believed to have been on the Cessna, which came down around 12.30 pm local time. The plane was reported to have struck a parked and unoccupied car in the park, whose owner was out buying groceries. The crash occurred just a block from the South Coast Plaza, a popular local shopping centre. No deaths and injuries were reported among people on the ground, according to Bommarito.

The plane put out a mayday message before crashing, CNN said. The victims have not yet been identified. The American Federal Aviation Administration is to run an investigation into yesterday’s crash along with the National Transportation Safety Board.


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CAR CRASH IN CHULA VISTA: Illegal U-turn injures four

Chula Vista – VIJAY SHAH via KAREN KUCHER and San Diego Union-Tribune


Four people are now recovering in hospital after a three-car pile-up in the U.S. city of Chula Vista began when a driver executed an illegal U-turn on a highway there, The San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper reported yesterday.

The accident occurred on Friday morning when the driver of a white Honda vehicle was going westbound on Telegraph Canyon Road in the Californian city. The male driver then made a prohibited turn at the junction with Apache Drive, causing a fellow road user in a Camaro to crash into him, according to local police lieutenant Christopher Kelley. The Camaro was found to have been unlicensed and surprisingly, was been driven by a fifteen-year-old boy.

Police said the Honda was then pushed back by the impact into an oncoming car, also said to be a Honda vehicle, grey in colour. That crashed into the first car, causing serious injuries to the driver of the second Honda. The U-turn driver, who was travelling with his two children, also suffered injuries, though much less severe, and all three, plus the second Honda driver were taken to local hospitals, the Union-Tribune said.

Chula Vista lies just south of the San Diego metropolitan area in southern California and is popular with tourists and families.


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BATHINDA GO-KARTING TRAGEDY: Woman dies in accident at go-kart course

Bathinda – VIJAY SHAH via LUCIA SUAREZ SANG, Fox News and India sources

A go-kart fan in India has died after getting her hair caught in the wheel of the vehicle she was racing in, according to a news report published in the US’s Fox News website yesterday.

Puneet Kaur, aged 28 years, was visiting the Aqua Village amusement park, a popular destination for families near her home in Rampura Phul, a locality of the Punjab city of Bathinda, when the incident occurred. She had been visiting the park with her husband, Amardeep Singh and their 2-year-old son and their family when they decided to try out the go-kart racing course.


According to police sources mentioned in the Indian national newspaper the Hindustan Times, Kaur and her husband Amardeep Singh got in one cart, while their child and his grandmother rode in another one. As the vehicles began racing, Kaur’s hair was suddenly trapped in the wheel of her cart, causing catastrophic injuries to her scalp.

“My wife and I were enjoying the ride on the go-kart. Suddenly, my wife’s hair got loose and I heard her scream. I raised an alarm and when the kart stopped, her scalp was peeled off. I do not know the quality of the rubber band and the helmet given to my wife,” Kaur’s husband told police, according to the Indian Express, another national newspaper.

After the accident, Puneet Kaur was immediately rushed to hospital, but tragically, she failed to make it. The incident is now under investigation by the Punjab police and the amusement park has closed the race track to visitors, pending the investigation’s outcome.

“The exact cause of death is unclear, but we will know after we receive details of the post mortem report,” a police officer told the British public service broadcaster BBC.

The manager for the amusement park told the Hindustan Times that the incident has “left everyone shocked.”

“Usually, all safety measures are followed,” Yadavindra Gardens manager Neeraj Gupta told the newspaper. “One person has been tasked with ensuring that all people wear proper head gear and follow other rules before using a go-kart. It is shocking this incident happened.”


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SPLASH AND DASH: A drive-by drenching

You have got your suit dry-cleaned and freshly pressed, your crisp white shirt is the bee’s knees and your Marks & Sparks tie is the right shade of blue. You know you will get that interview. The weather’s not so enthusiastic though. It is raining quite heavily, but not enough to dampen your get-up-and-go spirit. You step out the front door, umbrella in hand. You turn into the main road, trying your best to dodge the assorted puddles rapidly forming on the pavement as you walk down towards the rail station.

As you blissfully daydream of becoming the hottest sales executive at Jerry’s Printers Ltd ever, you fail to notice the massive lake of rainwater lying in wait just beyond the kerb. You also fail to notice the green van being driven at speed, careering towards the giant puddle. VROOOOMMMMSPLLLLAAAASHHHH!!. A wall of dirty water that a surfer would sweat over rises suddenly from the van’s tyres and soaks you from head-to-toe. Your white shirt is now halfway between brown and grey. Your suit weighs a lot more than it used to. Your trousers sag. Panic ensues. There’s no way you can show up for the 9:45 like this. You call up ahead to cancel. Your mobile, having born the brunt of the dripping onslaught, does not switch on….Goodbye company car and gold-plated pension.

As any unfortunate pedestrian caught between tarmac and a wet place will tell you, being soaked in puddle juice by white-van man or the No. 69 bus from Leyton is no joke. It’s cold, miserable, and frankly a little scary, not to mention embarrassing. It has long been a scourge of cold wintery days, where inconsiderate or oblivious drivers almost get a sick psychotic pleasure out of doing a drive-by drenching on some poor sods at the bus stop. This article’s author has had his fair share of near misses. The soaked clothing, the shower of expletives, the raised fist defiantly shaken at the knob who had just turned him into a drowned sewer rat. Those memories will be forever etched in his Half-Eaten Mind until the last breath.

Drivers who soak-and-run don’t always escape scot-free. In 2009, a Plymouth, Devon motorist who deliberately targeted a group of school children for a early morning shower was dragged to court. The 29-year-old, who even filmed the hydro-carnage from a camera on her dashboard, was cited for careless driving.

Devon schoolkid soaking (see the video here, courtesy Sky News)

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police told Sky News Online: “Deliberately splashing people by driving through a big puddle could mean that the motorist was driving without reasonable consideration for other road users.

“There is also the real danger that by driving through standing water this could cause the driver of the vehicle to lose control and could result in a road traffic collision.

“People involved in this practice could find themselves prosecuted and points put on their licence.”

Driving through a puddle to splash bystanders is an offence of “careless, and inconsiderate, driving” under the Road Traffic Act section 3 and carries a fine of up to £2,500. (Sky News Online – 14/10/2009)

A man in nearby Yeovil was fined £150 and awarded three penalty points on his licence after running through a puddle and splashing some nearby road workers, who subsequently reported him.

So how do those puddles get there to cause that kind of nuisance in the first place. In most developed countries, roads are essentially strips of asphalt/tarmac which are designed to be waterproof to prevent the road surface from deteriorating. As most road surfaces are curved concavely to enable moisture runoff, the rain as it lands is sent by gravity to accumulate between the road itself and the kerb. Likelihoods of puddles increase if the drains that take away the excess water are blocked. It would be easy to suggest lining every pedestrianised road, street and lane in the UK or anywhere else with some kind of super-absorbent sponge. Unlikely, though, as it would be a frightful expense for councils to cover.

Interestingly enough, Britain’s oldest puddle still in service is in the Oxfordshire town of Wallingford. Since April of 1976, this hardy specimen sits at the junction of Fir Tree Avenue and Wantage Road. Thanks to county border disputes, political apathy and a poorly-maintained highway, the puddle’s longevity has entered it into local folklore. The residents of  Wallingford, who once pleaded with local politicians to have it removed, now consider it a peculiar tourist attraction and it is even now the starting point for a local pub crawl, the Wally Run. There is no tradition however of any Ford Fiestas or Nissan Jukes using the Wally puddle for a slip-and-slide. Or a re-enactment of “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”…

Unfortunately for any foot-based road user, massive puddles are a fact of life. When it rains and pours down buckets , they will come. And there will always be unhinged thrill-seekers on four wheels. Some advice from the Half-Eaten Mind: keep an eye out for the big ‘uns, keep the other eye on oncoming traffic and walk as close to the shopfronts as you can!.

Not a pleasant way to wake up in the morning. (c) Images