GIF MOMENT: HEM’s special GIF selection + wallpaper – Diwali 2014

For the Gregorian year 2014 and the Vikram Samvat year 2071, the festival of lights, Diwali, will fall on Thursday, October 23. It will be a time to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi Devi into our homes to bring Her divine graces and blessings on our families and homes. Lamps (diyas/divas) are lit to welcome Her into our humble abodes and bestow upon us her gifts of prosperity and wellbeing. Diwali also means spending time with the family, exchanging gifts and wishing each other well. Plates and thalis laden with sweets beckon hungry stomachs and sweet teeth over, while living rooms and … Continue reading GIF MOMENT: HEM’s special GIF selection + wallpaper – Diwali 2014

HEM TURNS TWO: The Half-Eaten Mind marks its second anniversary

Yesterday was a very special day for the Half-Eaten Mind. While for the owner it was yet another long one at work and surviving the Hammersmith and City line followed by buses that just don’t want to wait for you, the blog has marked two years since its establishment on the 16th April, 2012. That’s a whole two years of news stories covering the globe, of entertaining and visually powerful features on a variety of subjects, hordes of awards and of course, the dozens of friends and supporters I have made along the way. It has been a great twenty-four months, in … Continue reading HEM TURNS TWO: The Half-Eaten Mind marks its second anniversary

GIF MOMENT: Easter 2014

In the United Kingdom, the days from the 18th to the 21st April are the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. I have booked a day off work so that means an impressive five-day long rest, which honestly I badly need. Easter is one of the most important Christian festivals celebrated here, and over much of the world. Children and parents look forward to munching their way through tonnes of chocolate Easter eggs and for many churchgoers it is a time to reflect on the lifetime of their religion’s founder Jesus Christ and his dying and resurrection for mankind’s sins. For the less … Continue reading GIF MOMENT: Easter 2014

WALLPAPER: Diwali 2013/2070

Vijay Shah (writing/editing/images) Anjali Shah (images/contribution) To celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, this coming November, the Half-Eaten Mind is unveiling not one, but two special created images to celebrate the festive season – one produced by me and the other made by my youngest sister Anjali, who very much initiated me into the hallowed ways of online image design. With just over a week left until the big day to go, we spent last night simultaneously working on these commemorative images using our old favourite, piZap. There was plenty of coordination and correspondence via email and Twitter. Because … Continue reading WALLPAPER: Diwali 2013/2070

ANNOUNCEMENT: HalfEatenMind marks Chinese New Year – wallpaper

By Vijay Shah It is time for another celebratory wallpaper to mark a specially illustrious occasion. This time, the blog is commemorating the Chinese New Year. A major highlight of revelry marked in the calendars of more than a billion people worldwide, both Chinese and non-Chinese, this fun and joyous festival will fall on the Sunday 10th February (just over a week away) with an abundance of spectacular fireworks displays, fine foods, family get-togethers and cheerful tidings of good luck, happiness and prosperity in the year ahead. The best places to witness Chinese New Year as its most spectacular is … Continue reading ANNOUNCEMENT: HalfEatenMind marks Chinese New Year – wallpaper

ANNOUNCEMENT: Wallpaper – HalfEatenMind rings in the New Year 2013

By Vijay Shah Here at the Half-Eaten Mind, I hope you have all had a smashing Christmas, enjoyed the Queen’s speech and that hour-long episode of EastEnders where Derek Branning dies from a heart attack (not presumably from eating too much Paxo turkey stuffing). It is a great occasion to spend with family and friends, as I did yesterday. I spent Christmas Day at my sister’s in-laws’ bungalow near Seven Kings enjoying a meal of fresh turkey and chicken with a generous helping of gravy, vegetables and even baked beans. That certainly was a new take on the traditional Xmas … Continue reading ANNOUNCEMENT: Wallpaper – HalfEatenMind rings in the New Year 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: HalfEatenMind unveils theme wallpaper for Christmas 2012

By Vijay Shah The festival of peace and goodwill to all men (and women) on Earth is just a couple of weeks away, and already nearly everyone is gearing up for the Christmas season. The stores are awash with fresh plastic trees, mince pies and all manner of various treats and presents for the loved ones. Houses and workplaces up and down the country are being bedecked in tinsel, lights and decorations as people collectively get into the festive spirit. The first snows of December have already fallen here in Stratford, although sadly were early in the morning and did … Continue reading ANNOUNCEMENT: HalfEatenMind unveils theme wallpaper for Christmas 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: New wallpaper to celebrate Diwali

By Vijay Shah As of today, the Half-Eaten Mind unveils a new background wallpaper to help get myself, the Brainiacs and all blog viewers into the mood for Diwali/Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights. To celebrate this special occasion, I have chanced upon a really elegant GIF image from a stock photo website which encapsulates perfectly the beauty and light that emanates throughout Hindu homes the length and breadth of the world, during Diwali. The animated picture shows some diyas, or Indian candles. In the scripture of the Ramayaan, such diyas (or divas) were used to light the way for … Continue reading ANNOUNCEMENT: New wallpaper to celebrate Diwali