SULLEE J: Pay Homage ft. Fudge

  Accomplished Baltimore rap artist Sullee Justice (Sullee J) returns with a brand new single off his fresh new EP album “Spear”, released this past Wednesday. The single, “Pay Homage” is a special collaboration with local talent Fudge, with production by Valentine Beats. Pay Homage focuses on the passion that fuels an artist as they head for their big break and struggles they face as they try to climb to the top of their game. One hundred percent animated and with backing vocals from both Sullee and Fudge, you hear the struggle told as a story while navigating life, police … Continue reading SULLEE J: Pay Homage ft. Fudge

VALUABLE SMOKE: Artist helps China turn smog into diamonds

Beijing, CHINA VIJAY SHAH via World Economic Forum Smog is probably one of the most useless… and dangerous things known to humanity. The thick all-enveloping clouds of chemical particulates, water vapour, smoke and other atmospheric ingredients kills thousands of people globally per year, causes disruption to traffic and the economy and is an inescapable hazard to sufferers of breathing problems such as asthma. But now, in the notoriously polluted cities of China, they are not only fighting back, but are making a tidy profit from it too. China has some of the most polluted aerial environments on earth. With a 1 … Continue reading VALUABLE SMOKE: Artist helps China turn smog into diamonds

PHOTO MOMENT: The lady and the clouds – Katerina Plotnikova

Photography by Katerina Plotnikova — Traceyanne McCartney (@jasmoonbutterfl) June 30, 2015 Photography by Katerina Plotnikova  A woman in a dark blue dress attempts to liberate the sky from the clouds, summoning strength amidst the drab. She battles on, beyond the unforgiving and featureless landscape. A photograph made by Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova  – another tale of wonderland – born in 1987, she specialises in graceful landscapes and people and animals embracing, uniting as one in friendship. She operates from Moscow. This picture was shared by Traceyanne McCartney via Judy Adamson. SOURCE/IMAGE CREDITS: “HEM Bloggers List” – The Half-Eaten Mind, Twitter, Twitter Inc. Judy Adamson, Twitter, … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: The lady and the clouds – Katerina Plotnikova