BERMONDSEY CARNIVAL: With a Latin American twist


If you like family days out and happen to be south of the river in London this Saturday, there is a cool dance festival just waiting to be visited, completely free of charge. The Bermondsey Carnival, being held at the Southwark Park this Saturday, 30th June 2018, is the perfect family fun in the sun session, with a summery mix of dance, music, events for adults and children and its own funfair.

South London is home to many vibrant Latin American communities, with Londoners from Brazil and Colombia forming the majority of them. This year, the Bermondsey Carnival will honour local South American communities by taking on a Latino/a theme, with performances from the Abba Gold Girls, the singer-songwriter Mancie Baker and a Salute to Sinatra from Louis Hoover, the original star of the Broadway show.


There will also be dance workshops (including a children’s dance tent for the little ones to practice their samba and Fortnite emote dances) and fun activities such as making masks, alongside food and drinks stalls. Look out for the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, a massive jumble boot sale’ hosted by local residents, and the Plaza Latina with its South American music, food and dance, the Plaza is new for 2018.

The Create and Play Zone
An assortment of talented artists, performers and designers providing a multitude of engaging things to do

Nest Box and Mask Making Workshops with Café Gallery
Crafty Beasts Making Workshops with Time & Talents
Totally Wild Foraging Adventure walks running throughout the day (12.30pm – 1.30pm – 2.30pm – 3.30pm)
Jumping Bean Stories and Rhyme Tent (12.15pm – 1.15pm – 2.30pm – 3.30pm – 4.30pm)
Make Theatre with London Bubble Theatre. Turn yourself into a story gatherer, a story teller, a character creator or a history maker In the beautiful Bubble Yurt throughout the day from: 12pm to 4pm.

SE16 DANCE Tent hosted by the Movement Factory.
Come and take part in an exclusive range of free dance workshops running throughout the day. No previous dance experience necessary

SE16 Dance Tent Workshops Times
12.00 to 12.30: Musical Mayhem- Musical Theatre
12.30 to 13.15: The Movement Factory- Street Dance
13.15 to 13.40: Kinetika Bloco
Performances Times

13.40 to 14.00- Kinetika Bloco
14.00 to 14.25 – Musical Mayhem
14.25 to 14.30 – Ellz & Sharz
14.30 to 14.40 – Hazel
14.40 to 14.50 – The Mia Dancers
14.50 to 14.55 – Jerdy
14.55 to 15.00 -Ellie
15.00 to 15.05 – Gawz
15.05 to 15.10 – Double Twist Dance Co.
15.10 to 15.30 – Southwark Gymnastics
15.30 to 15.40 – DHK Shortman
16.00 to 16.45 – DHK Shortman / Dance Hall
16.45 to 17.30 – The Movement Factory

The festival is being organised by Southwark Council, along with Bermondsey Beat and The Friends of Southwark Park.

Sat 30th June, 12pm- 8pm: Bermondsey Carnival
Southwark Park, Gomm Rd, SE16 2TX


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POKEMON GO: International Community Day next month

Tokyo – VIJAY SHAH via RENE RITCHIE and iMore

While the hype around the celebrated Nintendo augmented reality game Pokémon Go has long since died down, perhaps because everyone decided to twaddle with fidget spinners instead, the game still draws a loyal support base. For the uninitiated, Pokémon Go is an interactive game, downloadable to your mobile phone, where you catch animals from the Pokémon kids’ cartoon series in real-life locations, raise them and use them to fight opponents. In 2016, the game’s popularity reached endemic proportions, with people crowding in parks to catch rare and elusive Pokemon, and state authorities such as police, giving out warnings for people to pay attention to their surroundings when immersed in the highly addictive game.


Pokémon Go lovers will soon be able to bond and exchange their little friends in a special Community Day event, scheduled for the 17th May 2018 across the world. The Community Day offers game players, known as ‘trainers’ a chance to go out and catch Pokémon together as teams in a special and social bonding experience.The creators of Pokémon Go, in a bid to counteract the perception of gaming as an anti-social hobby, created the events, held monthly, to encourage players to get out, discover new places, and meet new people.

There are many game bonuses being released for the day, according to online magazine iMore. These include extra XP, Stardust, faster egg hatching, lure modules that last three hours, and a special Pokémon with an exclusive move. The featured Pokémon for May’s event (the Community Day occurs for just three hours on one day per month) is Charmander, a small orange fire-breathing cross between a dinosaur and a dragon.

While the event is scheduled for just three hours, start and finish times will vary according to your location. Gamers in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, can start hunting at 12 pm to 3 pm JST (Japanese Standard Time). Participants in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India will have their regional event from 10 am-1 pm UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and those in the Americas (including Greenland) can play from 11 am to 2 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time).


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PHOTO MOMENT: Stratford, Shoreditch Boxpark and Fady Elsayed

with Anjali Shah (photographer & contributor)

On the 26th May 2014, which was a Bank Holiday Monday, the Half-Eaten Mind along with a select crew of family visited the Shoreditch Boxpark, off Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, London E2, to attend the ‘Busk in the Box‘ music concert compered by DJ Hussain. The event is normally held at this venue about every weekend, but not withstanding the great music on offer, we came especially for my youngest sister Anjali, who wanted to meet her idol, the film actor Fady Elsayed, star of the epic inner-city film “My Brother the Devil” about two British Arab brothers and their struggles with drugs, poverty and sexuality.

The gig played host to a lineup of young and unknown songsters from as far away as Leicester and Brighton , who arrived at this intimate gig to perform at one of London’s more leftfield shopping centres, a collection of pop-up shops that are all the rage in hip alternative London – along with a DJ set playing a footstomping run of house music and dubstep during the breaks between musicians. We stayed from 1-3 pm soaking up the sounds of young undiscovered pop/R&B talents before visiting a local chicken shop serving its clientele the most generous portions of chips and wings this side of the Bow Flyover.

My two sisters particularly enjoyed speaking with Fady about his career and getting photos taken with him and the younger one was also exceptionally lucky to receive a special gift from the thespian, an actual script taken from the film, complete with pen marks and dog ears.

This Photo Moment consists of the work of two budding photographers in our family, myself and Anjali. In addition to the Busk in the Box event I also took some pictures of the Stratford Broadway area while waiting for a bus into Tower Hamlets and some locales near the venue. My sister did many locales there as well.






The 44 Broadway building in Stratford, London. This was taken while I was waiting for my sister to arrive to go to Shoreditch.

The front entrance of the Stratford Shopping Centre with the Samuel Gurney memorial obelisk in Stratford Broadway, London. I took this picture while waiting for a bus into Tower Hamlets.

The sign of the Cafe in the Courtyard, a business near the Stratford town hall in London.

A trio of traditional red phoneboxes next to the town hall building in Stratford.

The entrance sign of the Shoreditch Boxpark, an alternative style shopping mall off Bethnal Green Road.

Niketown billboard – Magista

Modern tower block in Bethnal Green.

Eighties poster designed by Josh Stika. Seen on the first level of Boxpark near where we were attending the concert.

My family enjoying the music. We also got to see “My Brother the Devil” film actor Fady Elsayed.

Performance at Hussain’s Busk in the Box by singer James.

Performance at the Busk in the Box concert by singer Leanne.

Promo leaflet handed out by Leanne to me and my brother Suraj after her performance finished.

Hype on The End flyer for a nightclub event handed out by James.

The back of the Hype on The End leaflet featuring a crown logo belonging to Minikingz. This was probably the record label or company behind the rave.

The script sample given by actor Fady Elsayed to my sister Anjali as a gift. She is a very big fan of his.

‘ Create-Attack ‘ trainers and spiders display found outside Niketown store at Boxpark.

Levy Safes Co. Locksmiths street art.

Padlocks or in this case ‘love locks’ affixed to a mesh fence just outside the Boxpark. A tradition exported from continental Europe. I took this picture as we were leaving the concert to get some food to eat and collect my niece.

You dirty rat: Street art on archways along Sclater Street, Bethnal Green.

A motley crew of stickers, street art and regular graffiti leading towards Bethnal Green Road.

My mum and sister with Fady Elsayed for a photo opportunity. Photo by Anjali Shah.

Fady with Anjali. Photo by Anjali Shah.

A shipping crate with the BoxPark Busk in the Park logos and details. Photo by Anjali Shah.

The entrance to Niketown at Boxpark. By Anjali Shah.

‘Dare to Own the Street’ another of Nike’s legendary advertising at their Shoreditch outlet.

Hussain’s House DJ set with the obligatory hashtag for Twitterers. Much of the musical magic emanated from here. By Anjali Shah.

The Falafelicious café where my brother got some chips before we settled down for the concert.

Footwear display by Nike. Just keep photographing it. By Anjali Shah.


Next to the Town Hall, The Broadway, Stratford, E15, London, England, UK.

Shoreditch BOXPARK, Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, E2, London, England, UK.


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