PHOTO MOMENT: The long hop of the law

  Don’t be stealing any Easter eggs, otherwise Bunny Cop here will haul you in. The Half-Eaten Mind wishes you a very happy Easter!!   IMAGE CREDITS: Sheik Atchia. Facebook, Facebook Inc. Related articles Happy Easter Eggs 7 Fantastic Ideas for Coloring Easter Eggs Where and how to celebrate this Easter weekend 15 Fun & Easy Easter Crafts & Activities Smorgasbord Easter Egg Hunt – Bloggers who are ‘Jolly good eggs’ Glad Påsk – Happy Easter Easter Egg Flower Vase Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: The long hop of the law

GIF MOMENT: Easter bunny praises spinach diet

Well, as it is the Easter weekend, I’d thought to share with you this GIF spotted on my regular current affairs haunt, the UK tabloid newspaper Metro. It’s a cuddly rabbit. That really loves her spinach. She’s definitely bought into the benefits of a diet of fresh organic greens. Strangely mesmerising too. Om nom nom. HAPPY EASTER!!! Dedicated to the memory of Ruby and her children Rab and Bit. RIP. IMAGE CREDIT: “Two helpings of spinach a day can knock 11 years off you” – Alison Lynch, Metro/Associated Newspapers Limited (1 April 2015) Continue reading GIF MOMENT: Easter bunny praises spinach diet

GIF MOMENT: Easter 2015

The season of new beginnings, spring flowers and chocolate eggs returns upon us again. As the days get longer, the temperature picks up (sort of) and the Cadbury’s Creme Eggs come out of hibernation, Easter is now here. OK, well the weather hasn’t been that great. Some sunshine yes, but also rain, combined with mad and roaring winds like you wouldn’t believe. In Northolt, north west London, wind speeds there on the last day of April reached 60 mph. It’s calmed down a lot though now. The streets around my neighbourhood have practically been blasted clean. This Easter, the Half-Eaten Mind … Continue reading GIF MOMENT: Easter 2015

GIF MOMENT: Easter 2014

In the United Kingdom, the days from the 18th to the 21st April are the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. I have booked a day off work so that means an impressive five-day long rest, which honestly I badly need. Easter is one of the most important Christian festivals celebrated here, and over much of the world. Children and parents look forward to munching their way through tonnes of chocolate Easter eggs and for many churchgoers it is a time to reflect on the lifetime of their religion’s founder Jesus Christ and his dying and resurrection for mankind’s sins. For the less … Continue reading GIF MOMENT: Easter 2014

ANJALI’S PICS 2: More family photos from the Princess of piZap

By Vijay Shah On March 17, the Half-Eaten Mind played host to a selection of family portraits and fun images made by my youngest sister Anjali (with one produced by younger brother Arjun on his phone using an app he has unfortunately forgotten the name of). She built up these works of art using the photo effects/editing suite piZap (pronounced ‘PIE-zap’) which can be found at this link –  piZap. piZap is an online photo editor and collage maker with more than 7.1 million likes on the social network Facebook. With piZap you simply upload a photo and using a … Continue reading ANJALI’S PICS 2: More family photos from the Princess of piZap