2019 WORLD WEDDING TRENDS: New report unveils all


Global wedding events association International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning (IAWEP) has released its fifth annual ‘International Wedding Trend Report’ highlighting the hottest new trends for weddings this year as well as the essential statistics on the wedding planning industry according to experts in the field, journalism.co.uk reports.


The hundred experts who lent their observations to the report include household industry names such as Colin Cowie and Mindy Weiss and the document covers many of the upcoming wedding trends making their mark in 2019 in the UK and Europe, North America, Australasia, South East Asia and the GCC region. Overall, there is an increasing trend towards ‘eco-conscious’ weddings that minimise the use of plastics and other environmentally unfriendly materials.

In announcing the free public release of the report, the IAWEP’s chief executive officer, Kylie Carlson said in a press release from the association: “The International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning is a global leader of continuing education in the weddings and events industry,’

“Our connection to industry experts around the world provides us with the unique opportunity to invest in researching and revealing worldwide wedding trends. Each year offers new and exciting styles and designs, and we’re thrilled to share that 2019 has a lot in store.”

Among the highlights covered in the International Wedding Trend Report will be the rise of new colour trends and floral arrangement choices among brides and grooms-to-be, as well as trends in centrepiece and table layouts.

More couples are opting for sharing foods and buffets over traditional plated assemblies, they increasingly want to capture the memories of their big day as videos and animated images such as GIFs, rather than the classic shoot with a wedding photographer, and more people are opting for holding their weddings on Fridays and Sundays, rather than the usual Saturday, the report states. The report can be accessed via this linkHighlights from the Report can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLYtFv57ag0


“2019 wedding trends unveiled in annual international report” – journalism.co.uk (7 January 2019) https://www.journalism.co.uk/press-releases/2019-wedding-trends-unveiled-in-annual-international-report/s66/a732755/

“Get your FREE copy of the Global 2019 Trend Report.” – International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning https://weddingacademy.lpages.co/the-wedding-trend-report/


“File:W E D D I N G 1 (67357911).jpeg” – Cj Hudgins & Vember Photo via 500px, Wikimedia Commons (20 August 2018) https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:W_E_D_D_I_N_G_1_(67357911).jpeg  – This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.


VOTES FOR WOMEN WEEKEND: London museum marks key democratic milestone

London – VIJAY SHAH via sources

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of British women winning the right to vote in elections, the Museum of London is hosting the Votes for Women Weekend from today in honour of women’s suffrage, featuring various participatory activities for people of all ages, the magazine Skint London writes.

The event, which is being held over two days from 3-4 February, 2018 and is free entry, promises to be an immersive and fun experience celebrating this key milestone in universal suffrage, when women over the age of thirty finally won the right to help choose who governs us, after a long struggle.


Votes for Women Weekend will feature lots of performances, photography, workshops, poetry and other things to do. Visitors can take part in a re-enactment of a suffragette rally, which also has a trip through history to the present day, and a two-hour long ‘banner-thon’ where they can create their own digital banners in collaboration with the charity Digital Drama’s 100 Banners projects. The banners will be taken on a march to the UK parliament.

Herstory fans can also learn about how the early 20th-century police used photography to capture suffragette activities undercover, and even play suffragette-inspired games in an Edwardian living room, including one called ‘Pank-a-squith’, a board game said to be have conceived by the Suffragettes themselves.

There will also be a spoken poetry jam and a chance to discover stories about inspirational women and girls, as well as learning about significant participants in the struggle to gain women the vote, such as Millicent Fawcett and Sophia Duleep Singh.

British women received the right to vote on the 6th of February, 1918, after a long struggle by early women’s activists, known as the Suffragettes, who first planned their protests in the drawing rooms of Victorian Britain, before eventually taking to rallies, civil disobedience protests, and in some cases, even getting into trouble with the law.


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A BEACH IN LONDON?: Rooftop Beach to return to Brixton this May



For Londoners, a trip to the seaside usually means a forty-plus minute drive through heavy traffic and with screaming friends/kids/radios to the Essex coast or Brighton, but from this May, you can be beside the seaside on a rooftop in south London, courtesy of Brixton’s Rooftop Beach. This event brings together sand, sun, buckets, spades, street food and seasonal cocktails for a fun day out without having to book the coach.

The Rooftop Beach, organised by fresh pop-up bar maestros Brixton Rooftop, takes place from May 26 to 29, 2017 over the Bank Holiday weekend. The event is a reincarnation of Brixton’s hugely successful Brixton Beach, a 1980s Miami themed occasion held in 2016 by the same people behind local events South Pole Saloon, Brixton Beach Boulevard and Big Apple Brixton. South Pole Saloon was rated “Best Pop-Up London 2015” by Design My Night. As the clocks turn back and the summer cranks up, the Rooftop Beach will feature bars and music, all on a few tonnes or so of imported sand for that squishy sandy feeling between your toes, minus getting tangled up in seaweed or a lost jellyfish. The beach’s massive interest among people looking for their next eclectic social fix can be gauged from their Facebook page alone, where 5,700 people have planned to attend with another 35,000 interested in visiting, so this promises to be a roadblock

The beach is part of a contemporary pop-up trend of temporary entertainments and establishments that have become a hallmark of city life in London. In the past years, temporary beaches have become a feature on the banks of the River Thames, for instance, drawing in thousands of tourists, office workers and locals looking for an easy way to enjoy the beauty of the coast without having to travel far or book off two weeks from work.

The Brixton Rooftop Beach is tickets only (see sources below) and takes place at Brixton Rooftop’s HQ at Pope’s Road, Brixton, SW9 8JH London, United Kingdom.


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Sevim Tonbul.
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5G WORLD: Post-Brexit strategies webinar



KNect365, a subsidiary business of leading multinational events company Informa, is releasing a webinar for telecoms organisations figuring out their next steps in the aftermath of the 24th June referendum that saw the United Kingdom vote by a slim margin to leave the European Union.

In what is an uncertain time for many British businesses, the webinar, which is being held as part of Informa’s telecoms.com e-magazine, will help players in the telecommunications industry explore their post-Brexit strategies, as upcoming negotiations over the UK’s eventual status concerning the EU leave the country’s firms wondering what is in their future, and the direction of the national and international telecoms market.



Currently the UK regulatory framework for telecommunications is partly underpinned by the EU Regulatory Framework with Ofcom acting as national regulatory body for companies based here such as Sky and TalkTalk. Should the UK Parliament honour the outcome of the referendum and trigger Article 50 for withdrawal from the EU, then it is expected that all telecoms regulation will pass completely to Ofcom.

In addition to regulation, UK telecoms firms are also concerned about other implications post-Brexit, such as increased roaming charges for British tourists travelling in the EU and the termination of EU funding which support research and development for 5G networks in British laboratories and investment into alternative network providers.

The webinar, entitled What’s Your Post-Brexit Strategy?” will also examine other core issues such as the impact of Brexit on fixed and mobile phone operators, corporate preparation work in regards to the split from the EU and the potential changes in Ofcom’s regulatory set-up and directives once EU law ceases to be valid here.

Speakers lined up to offer their advice at the webinar include Mike Conradi, a partner with law firm DLA Piper UK LLP, who specialises in dispensing commercial and regulatory advice to telecoms firms. His speciality is regulatory matters, telecoms and IT outsourcing and in telecoms infrastructure projects. Joining him will be Malcolm Corbett, the chief executive officer of Independent Networks Co-operative Association (INCA), the trade association for private, public and community sector organisations building next generation fibre and wireless broadband networks in the UK, and Informa’s own Tim Skinner, head of intelligence for telecoms.com, who is in charge of  delivering editorial content on client services, such as white papers, reports, webinars and surveys.

The event is free of charge but requires registration via KNect365. It is scheduled for Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 3 pm British Summer Time, lasting one hour. To register, please see the sources link below.

DISCLAIMER: The writer is an employee of KNect365.
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WORLD SICKLE CELL AWARENESS DAY: Nigerian charity starts up awareness drive

VIJAY SHAH via gist.ng

On the occasion of World Sickle Cell Awareness Day to be held this month and an event organised by the United Nations, a charity in Nigeria will pull out all the stops to get people understanding the condition, which often affects people of African origin and causes deformities in red blood cells.

According to online magazine gist.ng, the Sickle Cell Aid Foundation (SCAF) has organised a series of events on World Sickle Cell Awareness Day, which will happen on June 19th. SCAF will run a number of drives to encourage greater awareness, offer practical solutions for dealing with the condition and encourage more support for research into Sickle Cell. The events will take place in five states in Nigeria. These are Abuja, Lagos, Delta, Niger and Kaduna. The SCAF will also push forward social media campaigns to bring awareness all over Nigeria and the world.

Live events SCAF will plan include a set of conferences on sickle cell mapping and management of the disorder in tandem with the United States Embassy, press conferences to support the SCAF project, visits to hospitals, a nutrition forum in collaboration with the Zankli Hospital, free genotype testing and free medicines to be given out to people suffering from sickle cell disorder.

(c) SCAF via gist.ng

The SCAF’s social media campaign, dubbed #OneWord, encourages people to tweet or Facebook post their understanding of what sickle cell is and to encourage their friends to join in to help get more people discussing the condition, which affects 150,000 children in Nigeria per year. It is believed that 40 million Nigerians carry the gene that causes sickle cell, while not affected by it themselves, according to the Sickle Cell Foundation.

Sickle cell disorder, also known in the West as sickle cell disease is a genetically inherited condition and a form of anaemia where the red blood cells are deformed and curved, in the manner of a sickle. This causes the cells’ oxygen carrying capacity to be impaired. These blood cells do not last as long as healthy blood cells and can get stuck in blood vessels, raising the risk of stroke. The condition cannot be cured, but special drugs are available to manage the condition.

Sickle cell disease mainly affects people of African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Eastern Mediterranean and Asian origin.


Know Your Genotype Campaign (KYG)
Free genotype testing, Genetic Counselling and Awareness
Date: Monday, June 13th 2016
Time: 10AM
Venue: Garki Market, Abuja

Tweet Conference
Join the conversation on twitter using the hash tag #SickleCellDay2016 and tweeting @SCAF_Nigeria
 Wednesday, June 15th & Thursday, June 16th 2016

Time: 12PM -6PM

Sickle Cell Awareness Forum
Sickle Cell Nutrition and Management, packs of required drugs will be given to Sickle Cell Warriors free of charge. Key Note Speaker fro the day Dr. J.O. Lawson
Date: Thursday, June 16th 2016
Time: 2-5 PM
Venue: Zankli Medical Centre, Plot 1021, B5 Shehu Yaradua Way, Ministry of Works, Utako District, Abuja.

Hospital Visitation
Visiting Sickle Cell Warriors and their care givers – Packs of required drugs will be given to Sickle Cell Warriors free of charge
Date: Friday, June 17th 2016
Time: 10AM
Venue: Asokoro General Hospital

Conference on Sickle Cell Disease
In Partnership with the United States Embassy – Indigenous Mapping on Sickle Cell Disorder for Targeted Advocacy, Policy Making and Practical Action.
Date: Monday, June 20th 2016
Time: 10AM – 1PM
Venue: United States Embassy, Abuja
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NEWHAM’S 50TH ANNIVERSARY: A big cake and a garden party

As the London Borough of Newham gears up to mark the fiftieth anniversary of its founding, residents were treated to an exciting garden party and a giant cake courtesy of the borough’s council, the Newham Mag reports.

The cake, encased in silver-grey and white icing, was decorated with floral motifs, council logos and the words “Happy 50th Anniversary Newham” was the centrepiece of a free entry garden party held in Central Park, East Ham. The party was organised by the council’s Community Neighbourhood team. This team is responsible for organising activities and initiatives designed to bring local people together and build stronger and more resilient communities.

Over 500 local residents had a knees-up, enjoying refeshments and snacks. They also participated in fun activities for adults and children alike, including balloon animal making, fitness taster sessions, family-friendly races, a giant chessboard, face painting and a free jazz concert. The celebrations at East Ham for Newham’s half-century of existence were also attended by a local VIP guest, the borough’s mayor Sir Robin Wales.

English: Sarees and Spices in East Ham. The sa...
English: Sarees and Spices in East Ham. The saree and spice shops of East Ham provide a colourful display. This is Green Street, E7. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Local councillor for East Ham, Lakmini Shah, who is also a lead member of the Community Neighbourhood team, told the Newham Mag: “I was delighted so many people enjoyed the fun”

As Newham celebrates fifty years since the Local Government Act of 1965, which led to its creation from the mergers of two east London county boroughs, the council plans to hold more garden parties to celebrate. The next series of events takes place at Priory Park, in Upton Park district, on the 25th July. A third party will take place at the First Avenue Community Garden in Plaistow on the same date between the hours of 12pm and 4pm. More events are planned for this August and September.

The London Borough of Newham was created on land which was originally part of the neighbouring county of Essex, but which was absorbed into the new county of Greater London. The trigger for its establishment was a monumental change in the UK’s county boundaries instigated by the Local Government Act, passed by Parliament in 1965. It was formed from the merger of the old Essex county boroughs of West Ham and East Ham. The new borough also gained North Woolwich (previously part of Woolwich county borough in London) and a small chunk of western Barking, the Little Ilford area. As a legacy of the old boroughs, Newham has two town hall buildings and road signs can still be found with the names of the obsolete county boroughs heading them. Newham currently has a population of 307,984, according to the 2011 national census, and the youngest population in terms of age in the UK.

Newham residents (and other Londoners and visitors) can find out more about what 50th Anniversary events are happening near them by contacting the council’s Community Neighbourhood team on +44 (0)203 373 4695 or alternatively going online to www.newham.gov.uk/summergardenparties


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GREEN STREET: Fun at the Market

Newham’s only closed marketplace, Queen’s Market in Green Street, played host to a special sporting extravaganza this past month where 300 local residents came to try their hand at fun and games courtesy of a community neighbourhood group, reports the Newham Mag.

Members of the community young and old converged on the Upton Park market, a short walk from the West Ham FC stadium and a popular Asian shopping district to attend the event, which was hosted by councillors and residents associated with the Green Street Community Neighbourhood team, which has links with local government in the borough of Newham, in east London.

The ‘Market Games’ event, a localised version of the Olympics with many sports that are new to this type of event, saw Upton Park residents participate in roller-skating, rowing machines, wheelchair basketball, table tennis, taekwondo, running and non-contact boxing. The different sports activities aimed to get residents thinking more about being active and healthy. A team of police officers representing Green Street Safer Neighbourhoods were also on hand to advise visitors on personal safety, crime prevention and security marking their valuables to prevent against theft.

English: Pigeons on the Pavement, Green St Thi...
English: Pigeons on the Pavement, Green St This photo was taken near Queen’s Road Market, on Green Street. There are 3 signs in this picture that prohibit the feeding of pigeons but either people are ignoring them or the pigeons are finding plenty of food anyway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The event also had support from the council’s leisure arm activeNewham, the West Ham United Community Sports Trust, London Youth Rowing, and the nearby Manor Park School of Taekwondo, all of which helped to provide activities and equipment at the Market Games and have many years of experience promoting sports among the young between them.

Retailer Tesco, who run an Express store a short distance from the Queen’s Market, also lent a hand, providing a food hamper as a donation for the Games prize draw. Another Market Games is in the works for February next year.

Local councillor Hanif Abdulmuhit told the Newham Mag at the time: “We are keen to get young people involved in fun activities like this when the market is not in use. It really brings our community together“.

As with many councils in London, Newham Council regularly organises community events to help bring communities together and encourage social cohesion and support. The much applauded arrival of the Olympic Games in Newham two years ago has created a spur of sporting activities organised by the council and sports bodies to encourage residents to be more active and to take up use of local facilities.

“In the market for fun” – The Newham Mag [Issue 305], Newham Council (5 December 2014)
“File:Pigeons on the Pavement, Green St – geograph.org.uk – 433868.jpg” – Danny Robinson,  geograph.org.uk & Wikimedia Commons (13 May 2007) http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pigeons_on_the_Pavement,_Green_St_-_geograph.org.uk_-_433868.jpg

WRESTLEMANIA XXX: Thirty years of the ultimate wrestling PPV

with Sunny Atwal (idea contributor)

On the 6th April 2014, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in the city of New Orleans in America’s Louisiana state, will play host to one of the most talked about and respected pay-per-view wrestling shows of all time – Wrestlemania XXX – also known as Wrestlemania 30.

The first Wrestlemania ever to be held in Louisiana, the monumental event, created by wrestling entertainments company WWE (Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment) will see old scores settled and old friendships broken as the locker-room roster amaze audiences with piledrivers and twists of fate as well as devastating and action packed 30-man battle royal. Two champions will also be putting their titles on the line as four hours of the ‘greatest show on Earth’ makes its impact felt thousands of miles beyond the squared circle.

(c) WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)/Wikimedia Commons

This show-stopping event, dubbed the ‘Show of Shows’ and ‘The Grandest Stage of Them All’,  has been one of WWE’s most successful PPVs to date. It began life on the 31st March, 1985 at the Madison Square Gardens in New York, where the headline was a tag team match between the ‘Hulkamaniac‘ Hulk Hogan and his partner and jewellery-laden star of 1980’s action series The A-Team, Mr. T. They faced a challenge from Rowdy Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff. Fans who witnessed the very first Wrestlemania almost thirty years ago still now speak with fondness of the guest appearance by boxer Muhammad Ali and André the Giant decimating Big John Studd in a $15,000 Body Slam Challenge. André celebrated the win by sharing his duffel bag of cash with the capacity crowd in attendance.

Fast forward another three decades, and this year’s Wrestlemania promises to be as explosive as ever. A series of matches involving the many feuds and alliances on the WWE signature shows Raw and Smackdown, Wrestlemania tickets went on sale in the United States on  November 16, 2013, several months in advance, as WWE buckles down for a deluge of ticket purchases from its army of loyal fans. 

Andre the Giant applying a bear hug to Hulk Ho...
Andre the Giant applying a bear hug to Hulk Hogan in their WWF Championship match. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In January this year, Batista returned to the ring and won the 2014 Royal Rumble against overwhelming odds earning himself a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania XXX. Meanwhile, Randy Orton survived the Elimination Chamber while defending that same belt to clinch his place in the match in April at New Orleans. February saw the return of WWE legend Hulk Hogan, who fought at the very first Wrestlemania and is being tipped to host the thirtieth one. The Hulkamaniac soon got his new role alive and kicking when on the March 10th episode of Raw, he announced a thirty-man battle royal will happen to celebrate the thirty years of the event’s existence and in memory of the lofty man-mountain and seasoned French wrestler André the Giant. The winner of this epic clash will receive the André the Giant Memorial Trophy.

These are the headliner matches that will be taking place at Wrestlemania XXX (as of 30th March 2014).

In the run-up to the event, WWE will be hosting a special press conference which will stream live on the WWE Network this Tuesday from the Hard Rock Café in New York City  at 11:00 a.m. ET (United States Eastern Time). Reigning World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton will come face-to-face with his nemesis and challenger Batista. Fellow competitors Daniel Bryan and John Cena as well as show host Hulk Hogan and manager Stephanie McMahon will also be in attendance. The event itself will be prefaced by a two-hour ‘pre-show’ to get fans fired up for the big matches.

The first hour of the WrestleMania 30 Pre-Show will feature analysis of the action-packed card from a star-studded panel of Superstars past and present, along with on-the-scene interviews featuring Superstars preparing to battle on The Grandest Stage of Them All. The first half of the WrestleMania 30 Pre-Show can be viewed on WWE Network, WWE.com, the WWE App, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pheed.

Then, at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, the Pre-Show continues exclusively on WWE Network, where the all-star panel will continue to break down the stacked WrestleMania lineup. In addition, the action will begin with an exclusive Pre-Show Match! (WWE.com)

In the United States, Wrestlemania will be broadcast for the first time on the WWE Network service, a dedicated wrestling entertainment channel. It will begin at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, it will be shown on Sky Sports Box Office and Sky Sports HD Box Office (priced at £17.95 for UK customers,  24.95 for viewers in the Republic of Ireland, for the whole pay-per-view).


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