DARKSOULES: New book club launched for fantasy fans

London – VIJAY SHAH Fans of indie author fantasy books are in for a treat as a new book club dedicated to the works of small-time author Leslie D. Soule has been launched online. The book group, named DarkSoules, has been unveiled on the social media network Facebook, and aims to bring together fans and new authors of fantasy literature, as well as being a forum for discussing the books of Soule, who has written fiction stories such as the Fallen Wood series, Hybrid Space, Birds of a Feather, and The Feast of Rule. New * Fantasy Author Support Group* Love … Continue reading DARKSOULES: New book club launched for fantasy fans

SHORT STORY: Decisions

with Anjali Shah (author & contributor) For her English lessons at school, my youngest sister Anjali was asked to do an assessment task of her story-writing skills. This involved penning a short piece of prose using writing with ‘conventions and composition’ and the teacher required it to be written in the first person. Her Unit 3 Writing Assessment won critical acclaim from her English class teacher, who described it as ‘very reflective’ and a ‘compelling piece’. I recently invited her to contribute this short story to the Half-Eaten Mind and after finally managing to get the original sheets from her teacher, I … Continue reading SHORT STORY: Decisions

SHORT STORY: The Wrong Side of Town

Suraj Shah (author) Vijay Shah (editor, proofreader) In a unique and rare departure from the Half-Eaten’s steadfast weekend diet of news and photo moments, I am proud to bring you a short story penned by my younger brother Suraj, who will turn fifteen years of age this month. As part of his schoolwork in preparation for the dreaded end of secondary school examinations, the GCSEs, Suraj has produced a series of short stories and fiction excepts for his English lessons. He is also a member of a select and very small group of students at his school who have been … Continue reading SHORT STORY: The Wrong Side of Town