SULLEE J: New Music Submission – All I Know ft. Marka

Acclaimed Baltimore, US, rapper and lyrical master Sullee J has released a brand new single this past week, as the prolific artiste continues his rise to the forefront of modern East Coast rap. He released his latest track, “All I Know” featuring fellow rapper Marka on the 5th November. The song was produced by Anno Domini Beats. All I Know speaks on the various scenarios which occurred on the come up of Sullee J, a story shared with many others of his genre. There is a distinctively retro feel both in the official video of the song plus the Eighties style … Continue reading SULLEE J: New Music Submission – All I Know ft. Marka

BRENDAN MASON: Man attacked and killed by ‘friends’

Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM VIJAY SHAH via JEN MILLS and Metro A Leicester man with learning difficulties was lured to his death by two so-called friends who savagely beat him for kicks, U.K. newspaper Metro reports today. Brendan Mason was taken along to Abbey Park by two men, Joshua Hack (aged 21) and Keith Lowe (aged 22) on the pretext of spending some time together, on July 5th last year. Once they arrived at the park, they began attacking him, hanging him from a tree and then took turns striking him, while the other held Matthews still. They also laughed at and taunted … Continue reading BRENDAN MASON: Man attacked and killed by ‘friends’

FOLLOWING FACEBOOK FRIENDS: Social network launches friend-tracking feature

CNN reports that the popular social network Facebook has launched a feature that enables users to track their friends while using the site. The new feature, which was officially rolled out this past Thursday, uses location information from satellites to tell Facebook users which of their friends are also available in the area they are currently at. The team behind the new technology have dubbed it the “Nearby Friends” feature. While it will make real-time socialisation away from the laptop much easier, there are also privacy fears, especially with the likelihood of stalkers or burglars using Facebook to track targets’ locations in order to … Continue reading FOLLOWING FACEBOOK FRIENDS: Social network launches friend-tracking feature

FRIENDSHIP DAY: The Rules of Friendship

Vijay Shah (writer) Khushbu Rajak (contributor) Today in India and the United States (among other places) is Friendship Day, a special occasion whereby friends celebrate the unique bond of companionship and togetherness. Also known as International Friendship Day, it has been celebrated in several South American countries for many years, before jumping borders and becoming a global celebration. It is believed to have first been celebrated in 1919 and nearly a century later, on this day, special cards, wristbands (friendship bands), flowers and small gifts/tokens of appreciation are exchanged between besties and buddies. The Half-Eaten Mind would like to wish our bloggers community, and … Continue reading FRIENDSHIP DAY: The Rules of Friendship


By Vijay Shah On our article dated May 2, 2013, I reported on the Half-Eaten Mind receiving the tasty Super Sweet Award from Pallak Sharma of the “The Be-All and End-All” blog. The blog has received additional approvals for the award by three bloggers who have lent an amazing amount of support to the blog as well being very good friends and comrades to me as I find my feet in the blogosphere. Firstly, Ajaytao2010 of Mumbai offered the first return nomination of this gorgeous, lip-smacking blogger’s award. He writes: Thank you so much for the Super Sweet Blogging Award … Continue reading SUPER SWEET AWARD: A follow-up