VIDEO MOMENT: Gangster Crab

  You’ve probably met the hermit crab, the seashore crab and the hairy mitten crab. Now say hello to the gangster crab. This is not one to be tussled with. This video, from the Facebook page of DJ VLADER, a disc jockey who has worked with Snoop Dogg and won the DJ Award five times, features the hand of an extremely brave soul attempting to disarm a gangster crab somewhere in eastern Europe. The crab, however, is not up for donating to the local knife amnesty and uncannily wields the blue-handled blade to stop probably becoming the seafood special for that … Continue reading VIDEO MOMENT: Gangster Crab

SCARFACE: Tony Montana’s mansion on sale for £23 million

The luxurious mansion which doubled as the residence of feared gangster and Cuban refugee Tony Montana in the 1983 blockbuster Scarface, starring Al Pacino, is now on sale for £23 million (USD $33.9 million), reports the British tabloid Metro today. The El Fureidis mansion, in Montecito, California, was the domain of the feared and fast-talking cocaine smuggler in the hit film, where it was set in Coral Gables, an upmarket town near Miami in Florida. As Tony Montana’s home in the movie, it was where he married the glamorous Elvira, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, and went down in a blaze of … Continue reading SCARFACE: Tony Montana’s mansion on sale for £23 million

SULLEE J: Subliminal Criminals‏

The following article has been penned by Baltimore-based rapper and street philosopher Sullee J, who along with his management team, is now a regular contributor to the Half-Eaten Mind. He has taken time out from working on recent releases such as ‘Rap Proclamation‘ and ‘Rebel Nation‘ to release a special article critiquing the failed state of America’s poorer neighbourhoods. With racist killings by the police, racial and greed-based violence, poverty and lack of opportunities and aspirations very much the life and times of the poorest urban Americans, Sullee J goes straight to the heart of the housing projects and spills out … Continue reading SULLEE J: Subliminal Criminals‏