PHOTO MOMENT: Upgraded HEM wallpapers by Alex

Vijay Shah (writer) Alex Smithson (image creator & contributor) Three days ago (21 December 2013), the Half-Eaten Mind wrote a special Photo Moment illustrating one of a pair of specially-made iPad wallpapers produced by fellow blogger Alex Smithson. Alex is owner and photographer-in-residence of his blog “Photography – Nature“. We had it published here: PHOTO MOMENT: HEM wallpaper by Alex Smithson Alex decided to head back to the drawing board and re-work the original wallpapers . His latest versions incorporate some new elements while remaining faithful to the old design. Again two versions of the wallpaper were produced to the specifications of both the … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Upgraded HEM wallpapers by Alex

PHOTO MOMENT: HEM wallpaper by Alex Smithson

Vijay Shah (writer) Alex Smithson (image creator & contributor) The Photo moment this Saturday comes courtesy of Alex Smithson of the blog “Photography – Nature” (to be renamed “Mother Nature” in 2014). Alex and I have struck up a great friendship over our blogging activities. As you may know, Alex’s blog is dedicated to his hobby of nature photography, particularly natural environmental scenes and local wildlife as well news stories and articles on the visual changes he makes to his blog. Alex is also a dab hand at technology. He creates images and graphics using open-source GIMP software and has … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: HEM wallpaper by Alex Smithson