LEE VALLEY: School’s out, have fun

The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, which manages tourist attractions and sports centres along a 26-mile stretch of the River Lee (usually spelt ‘Lea’) in Essex and Hertfordshire, is offering special activities to families in the east London area. Children starting their summer holidays can now take part in a variety of fun and exciting activities such as BMX bike riding, tennis and hockey at special summer holiday prices. The LVRPA are offering a huge choice of affordable sports programmes to keep children occupied during the long six-week break. You can choose from hour-long taster sessions in four types of cycling, one-day sports activity camps and training sessions for cycling, hockey and tennis, as part … Continue reading LEE VALLEY: School’s out, have fun

A LEAFLETTER’S PHOTO ALBUM: Photography special – Part 1

By Vijay Shah Fresh out of university, I found myself moving back to my parents’ house in Plaistow, and was in desperate need for a job. I was finding it near impossible to get into my chosen career of journalism, and my stepfather was giving me a lot of headache and pressure to get employed ASAP. This meant many trips to the local Jobcentre Pluses and hours in front of library computers searching and applying for job after job, without much success. Then in December 2006, I found a vacancy for door-to-door leafletters from a company called ABI Leaflet Distribution, … Continue reading A LEAFLETTER’S PHOTO ALBUM: Photography special – Part 1