SUPER HIGH RESOLUTION: From China, the 24.9 billion pixel photo that’s blown minds

Shanghai – VIJAY SHAH via sources If you are an amateur photographer and your only method of capturing the world around you is with the potato camera lumped in with your smartphone, the subject of this article might make you feel even more ‘crappy’ than before, or it might just inspire you. Bigpixel, a Chinese company specialising in in-depth photography, hooked up with a handful of tourism promotion agencies in the city of Shanghai to produce a 360-degree photograph with the mind-shattering and eye-burning resolution of 24.9 billion pixels, or 195 gigapixels (195,000 megapixels), the second highest resolution panorama ever … Continue reading SUPER HIGH RESOLUTION: From China, the 24.9 billion pixel photo that’s blown minds

PHOTO MOMENT: #GrowingUpSkinny

  When I was a wee lad, I was skinny and tall like anything. Built like a beanpole. In fact I used to do this finger bangle thing to myself. IMAGE CREDITS: Funny Texts, Facebook, Facebook Inc. Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: #GrowingUpSkinny

PHOTO MOMENT: Ganesh Chaturthi – Mumbai Ganpati

  May all of your obstacles be overcome this Ganesh Chaturthi. Image by Supriya Tiwari. SOURCES: Vijay Shah { विजय }, Twitter, Twitter Inc. Mumbai Ganpati‏, Twitter, Twitter Inc. mum_ganpati, Instagram (26 August 2017) tiwarisupriya392, Instagram Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Ganesh Chaturthi – Mumbai Ganpati

PHOTO MOMENT: An intelligent ability

  If you are fluent in the English language, then even if the letters in a word are jumbled up, then you would still be able to make sense of the correct way to spell it. In scientific terms, this is known as typoglycaemia. In the photo above, the man is sporting a t-shirt with a quote attibuted to the mastermind Stephen Hawking. The trouble is, the t-shirt printing shop was short on letters, so substituted in some numbers, SMS-style. Can you figure out what the garment is saying? Answers in the comments. Enjoy! SOURCES/IMAGE CREDIT: Sarcasm, Facebook, Facebook Inc. … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: An intelligent ability

PHOTO MOMENT: Fortune cookie earrings

  A set of earrings featuring charms influenced by the popular Chinese restaurant snacks known as fortune cookies. Produced by Tamara Lance of the U.S. artisan jewellers Musing Tree Studios, the earrings are finished with rounded ceramic beads evocative of Ming porcelain vases and flat beads of turquoise howlite. SOURCES/IMAGE CREDIT: Half-Eaten Mind, Twitter, Twitter Inc. First Night Design, Twitter, Twitter Inc. Musing Tree Studios, Twitter, Twitter Inc. “Chinese Fortune Cookie Earrings, Good Fortune Jewelry, Chinese Takeout Earrings, Chinese Earrings, Asian Jewelry.” – Tamara Lance and Musing Tree Studios via Etsy   Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Fortune cookie earrings

PHOTO MOMENT: In memory of Princess Diana

  A photo shared by an aunt of mine here in the UK, honouring the late Princess Diana of Wales. Yesterday would have been her 55th birthday. A genuine and warm person, much involved in charity work and so adored by the people of Britain, that she was called the People’s Princess, Diana married Prince Charles of Wales in 1981, and had two sons, Princes William and Harry. Born in 1961 (a year before my mother), Diana was the darling of the Royal Family, widely respected for her humble attitude, heartwarming smile and ability to get on with people from … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: In memory of Princess Diana

PHOTO MOMENT: Sheldon’s Catzinga

  Cats make wonderful companions. They don’t argue or question my intellectual authority.   The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon Cooper is clearly a cat person.  I originally shared this image on my Facebook account on the 16th April 2013. In other news, the Half-Eaten Mind turned 4 yesterday. Happy birthday to us 🙂 IMAGE CREDITS: a passion for procrastination, Svetlana Sheldon Cooper, Facebook, Facebook Inc. Related articles 17 Times Sheldon Cooper Was the Best Part of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ When will Season 9 episode 19 of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ be aired? Was That Sarcasm? HUMOUR MOMENT: The chilled-out pooch … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Sheldon’s Catzinga