BELGRADE: The Fortress

Belgrade – VIJAY SHAH via TARA GOLDSMITH and ReadyClickAndGo While the capital of Serbia is not the first place that comes to mind for many when they think of a holiday destination with culture, history and impressive sights, Belgrade is in some ways an undiscovered treasure for those looking for something a bit different, but still ticking all the boxes. Belgrade, known to its residents as ‘Beograd’, has an ancient history of settlement dating back to the Roman Empire. It was ravaged by the hordes of the Huns, and became an outpost of the Turkish Ottoman empire. In latter years, it … Continue reading BELGRADE: The Fortress

PHOTO MOMENT: Chinese statue honours road sanitary workers

Vijay Shah This Sunday’s picture comes from the Twitter photo album of an account by a Kuwaiti known simply as Rahal (@7madms). The account usually tweets sayings in the Arabic language and additionally offers advertising aimed at Rahal’s 2.5 million followers. The statue, which appears to be brass, but may have been painted gold to give that effect, pays homage to the street sweepers and sanitary workers of the People’s Republic of China. It has long been a tradition in nations with Communist governments to erect statues and monuments honouring the working classes and key political figures. The political ideology revolves … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Chinese statue honours road sanitary workers