TULSA CHILD KILLING: Killer mother was ‘trying to save’ her children from abusive father

Tulsa – VIJAY SHAH via STEPHEN SORACE, Associated Press and Fox News

An American woman who shot dead her own son and tried to kill her two daughters claimed that she did it to free them from their abusive father, according to a report published in Fox News today.

Amy Leann Hall, from Tulsa, the capital of Oklahoma state, gunned down her son Kayson Toliver, aged 18. He was hit with a bullet to the head while he was sleeping at his mother’s home early on the morning of Thursday, 1st November, according to police statements. Hall also shot at her daughters in the same fashion, but they survived their injuries, with one managing to escape. Police came to the property thirty-five miles outside Tulsa, and found Toliver deceased. The mother was arrested, and claimed she carried out the shootings to protect her children from their violent father, according to an affidavit issued by the Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office.


One of the two daughters, aged 16, is still in hospital in a critical condition, Fox News stated. The other daughter, aged 14, managed to escape her mother and hid crying in a bathroom, she later told her mother she was ‘okay’ before somehow managing to get the murder weapon, a pistol, from Hall, the article stated. Hall fled the scene and sped down local roads at 100 mph before police pulled her over, according to FOX 23 Tulsa, a local media outlet. She was arrested on the scene, and police are currently piecing together a motive for the killings.

Police stated that they had received callouts in the past to the family home over ‘domestic incidents’. Hall and the children’s father had separated two years ago and were engaged in a fierce custody battle over the children. She had applied to obtain sole custody of her family, but the father had attempted to overturn that application, stating that Hall was ‘mentally unstable’ and was ‘psychologically abusive’ to her offspring.

The deceased son was remembered as an excellent student and top level American football player for his school team at Beggs High School in Tulsa. “He was a very likeable young man,” head football coach David Tenison told the World. “He had a good heart, good spirit. His smile was infectious. It just infected everyone around him. He made you want to smile.”

Hall is now charged with a single count of first-degree murder, and two counts of shooting with an intention to kill and is currently on bail. She told police that after killing her children, she had intended to take her own life. The case continues.


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PHOTO MOMENT: My mother, my strength

Today’s post is dedicated to my Mum. Unfortunately last week she was taken to hospital after suffering a mild heart attack and severe pneumonia at the same time. The good news is that she is on the mend and the doctors and nurses are taking good care of her. It is an incredibly painful sight to witness one of the most important people in your life in such a state, but I have faith in God and in my mother because I know she is a fighter. At one point though, I and my family were really scared because my mum has never had any problem with her heart before, and because of pneumonia being a potentially life-threatening illness, but thankfully she is getting better, slowly but surely.

As a result I will probably not be blogging as much as I would normally do despite being on annual leave from work for two weeks. This is mainly because I’ll be making visits to hospital on a regular basis but also as the events of the past few days have had an effect on me. I will try to keep up a daily schedule though as much as possible.

To celebrate the special place that Mum occupies in my heart and the love and care she has always shown us. I thought to share a selection of images and quotes illustrating the joy and special significance of motherhood. It is one small way of saying “Thank you, Mum…for everything”. I’m hoping she will be given the all-clear by the end of this week, and I can show her this article. It’ll be heartwarming to see her smile again.

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PHOTO MOMENT: Cute kitten hug

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#غرد_بصورة حنان الأم

(” The tenderness of a mother ❤ “)

A mother tabby cat embraces her kitten while another waits its turn in this affectionate picture shared by a tweeter with the handle @CRrrr_7, also known as ‘Syria Hurah’.

Mother cats (the female of the species is called a ‘queen’) have a very nurturing and caring relationship towards their kittens. Kittens are born blind and solely reliant on the mother’s care. As soon as the babies are born, the mummy cat will lick and clean their fur and gently guide them towards her nipples to take their first feed. She will even use this method to help the kittens go to the bathroom. As the kittens get older and more steady on their feet, mother will teach them the rudiments of cat life, such as hunting. I have personally observed the elaborate cleaning rituals of mothers with their kittens, as much as human mothers (and fathers) will take time in bathing their babies. The mummy will use her velcro-like tongue to manage the baby’s fur and maintain close contact with the kitten, even cleaning behind its ears. Mother will fall asleep with their kittens by their side and will watch them play, although sometimes the little ones become a bit too boisterous, causing Mum to disappear onto a nearby windowsill for some much-needed peace and quiet.

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MOTHER’S DAY: A son’s loving poem

By Vijay Shah (with contribution from Arjun Shah)

Today is the Sunday 10th March 2013, and here in the United Kingdom, it is designated on the calendar as Mother’s Day. It’s a once-a-year chance for sons and daughters to show extra appreciation and love for that special woman who helped bring them into the world, who clothed them, fed them and soothed them when they fell and gashed their knees in the garden. A mother is everything. She is an alarm clock, a best friend, a guide, a teacher, a helper, a shoulder to cry on, a foundation of support and much, much more. Being a mother is full-time work, with few holidays and round-the-clock working hours. She does not get paid any salary for what she does, but that does not make what Mum does any less important. Her salary is not cold hard cash, it is the love of her children – knowing that they will always be there for her. Watching her offspring grow from tiny newborns, to toddlers and teenagers…and beyond. She loves her kids with all her heart and cries deeply when they fly the nest. As we have all observed, the maternal (and paternal) bond is one of the strongest bonds in human society. It is tougher than titanium and more precious than diamonds. Mother’s Day, as much as it has been heavily commercialised these days, is still a celebration of that profound and unbreakable bond with the special lady who held you warm and protected in her womb for nine months.

A mother holds up her child.
A mother holds up her child. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Mum is very special to me. Not just because she clothed and fed me and my siblings, but as she is the bedrock of our family. While things have not always been perfect between us and our Mother, with there having been arguments and falling-outs, she still is the epicentre of our family. She is never afraid to have a laugh and joke with us, just like a best friend…just as she can shout at us and tell us off if we step out of line. She tries her best to guide us and give us advice in any problems or new situations we pass through. She comes out with the corniest jokes and even sound effects and always leaves us in stitches!!. She is accepting and understanding, even if sometimes it takes a while. She is always ready to listen and often narrates us stories from her life. Mum is so hardworking, always up to her arms in housework and responsibilities, yet hardly ever complains. Even when we try to pitch in, she will usually refuse. That is how tough and solid she is. A toughness that feels me with awe and humility.

Her cooking is legendary. Even now, I cannot forget the tasty and made-with-love dinners she always prepared for us. Her signature dishes are always varied. Dishes like her delicious chicken and spinach curry, chilli con carne, kingfish with rice, beans and scrambled eggs, among many others. She has such a talent with food and possesses a global repertoire of recipes, each one made to that “only the best for my family” standard of care. Just thinking about her cooking makes my mouth water.

She had a very difficult life, as did we. Yet despite all the problems we faced in our lives as a family, she did her best to be a Mother, and I salute and give her my utmost respect for all that she did for us. She always came to our school Parents’ Evenings and took us out food shopping, even when money was tight. She never discouraged us from making our own lives and always offered her support and love. She is an irreplaceable mother, and I owe a lot of myself to her. I have her solid determination to take life by the horns, no matter what it throws at me. I have her stubbornness and her drive to get the job done. I get my internal strength and a lot of my own character from Mum as well. My existence itself is because of her.

Thank you Mum…I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day and no matter where I am and what I do, I will never forget you and what you have done for us.

Mothers Day Gift.
Mothers Day Gift. (Photo credit: pixiepic’s)

In marking Mother’s Day, I thought of sharing this poem with you. It comes from a card that my youngest brother Arjun made for our Mum at school I think…..

” Today’s your day,

So listen up!

Just sit right there

And don’t get up!

You’ve earned the right

To stay in bed,

And not get


Or comb your head!

Just take it easy,

Don’t feel bad.

If you need anything

Just call “DAD” !!!”

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