PHOTO MOMENT: Canadian elf coin

  A 25-dollar pure silver coloured coin issued by Canada in 2016. The coin, part of a popular and recent tradition of countries issuing coinage with full-colour scenery and even holographic elements, shows a mythological ‘woodland elf’ on the reverse. The elf, dressed in green hat and suit, is busy at work building a wooden birdhouse amidst typical northern Canadian forest scenery. The obverse features a unique profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The coin was recently launched by the Royal Canadian Mint, based on a design by local artist Jesse Koreck, and is being sold at face value in … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Canadian elf coin

‘FAKE TWO PENCE’ – Rare error coin earns charity £1350 at auction

Malmesbury, UNITED KINGDOM VIJAY SHAH via TheLADbible and Daily Mail Poppy Appeal collectors in the English city of Malmesbury in Wiltshire county found themselves a small windfall after a ‘fake’ coin that was deposited in one of their charity collection boxes turned out to be a rare minting error that sold for £1,350 at a recent auction. Volunteers working for the British Royal Legion were sifting through the takings from a street collection appeal for ex-service personnel when they stumbled across a 2-pence coin that was silver-coloured, instead of the usual copper. Convinced it was a badly-done fake or a … Continue reading ‘FAKE TWO PENCE’ – Rare error coin earns charity £1350 at auction

PHOTO MOMENT: The 5 paise coin of India

Vijay Shah Our second photo moment takes us from Mauritius to India, a land famed among numismatists (coin-collectors) for its array of peculiarly shaped coins. Like Mauritius, the Asian subcontinent has produced scalloped coins but even more strangely, until recently, diamond-shaped coins could be found in the spare change. Until inflation saw their eventual extinction from everyday circulation, India, as well as the neighbouring countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka used diamond or square coins. India in particular has had one of the longest usage of these coins going back centuries.  From 1965 until 1994, the country’s government-run … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: The 5 paise coin of India

PHOTO MOMENT: Old Mauritian coins

Vijay Shah Today I bring you not one, but two photo moments revolving around the theme of numismatics. Numismatics is the formal name for the popular pastime of collecting coins. I have collected coins since I was very young. I acquired them from friends, family and even local shopkeepers whom I would pester to give me foreign coinage that they had received in change handed to them by customers. Within a few years I had put together a portly collection consisting of various world coins of most denominations, sizes, shapes and metals. As time went on, I began to realise … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Old Mauritian coins