LOW-FI WI-FI?: What could be blocking your internet signal

VIJAY SHAH via TecNovedosos Having unfettered and uninterrupted access to wireless internet, is for those of use in the developed world, now as essential as having a continuous supply of electricity, gas and other utilities. We increasingly spend much of our lives online, and the things we need to do, such as shopping and filling in government forms are moving online too. So when your wireless signal becomes weak or choppy, the frustration is palpable. If you happen to have a rubbish signal, with constant disconnections or super-slow download speeds, it could be your provider, but it could be due … Continue reading LOW-FI WI-FI?: What could be blocking your internet signal


    We’ve got ourselves a copycat!   IMAGE CREDITS: Vijay Shah { विजय }, Twitter, Twitter Inc. https://twitter.com/VShah1984 Emma Miller, Twitter, Twitter Inc. https://twitter.com/AfinaRec Secretaries & PAs are awesome!, Facebook, Facebook Inc. https://www.facebook.com/averysecretaries Afina Recruitment, Facebook, Facebook Inc. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Afina-Recruitment/147021728789752 Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Copycat

WORKSPACE BLOG HOP: Inside the HEM newsroom

The Half-Eaten Mind and myself are proud to announce that we have been invited to participate in the Workspace Blog Hop. The hop is a blogging initiative where the blogger is given an opportunity to share something about themself and the place where their pictures, poems, news stories or novels come to life. I would like to thank Sally Cronin of the blog “Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life” for tagging me in the WBH and giving you an exclusive sneak peek into my blog’s newsroom, where we bring you cutting-edge news and amazing features every weekend. I thought … Continue reading WORKSPACE BLOG HOP: Inside the HEM newsroom

FLEXIOFFICES: The UK’s most hated office personalities

Wander past the reception into any office in the United Kingdom or indeed anywhere else you fancy, and just as Sir David Attenborough might steathily and subtly observe different species of wildlife on the African savannah, you will soon notice from being hidden surreptitiously behind that large pot plant that just like animals, there are different species of office worker; the busybody, with an ‘in’ tray as high as Mount Everest; the chatterboxes, constantly talking on the phone or to anyone within earshot (and lack of an escape route) and the quiet ones; who wish their wage packet was as golden as their silence. Others cling to the boss’ every word, … Continue reading FLEXIOFFICES: The UK’s most hated office personalities

GOODBYE BRESSENDEN PLACE: Informa relocates to new offices

By Vijay Shah As some of you may know, I currently work as a database researcher/integrity assistant for a conference company named Informa. In this job I work with and maintain our customers’ records on the in-house data system. From when I started in June 2007 up until last week, IIR Conferences Ltd, the Informa subsidiary which I personally am employed by, maintained an office situated at 29 Bressenden Place in Victoria, central London. It is well-known as a prime location, roughly equidistant between Victoria Underground Station and the tourist-and-camera honeypot that is the Queen of England’s residence – Buckingham … Continue reading GOODBYE BRESSENDEN PLACE: Informa relocates to new offices

PITMAN TRAINING: Vital Skills for Stratford Jobseekers

East London’s job hunters now have a new ally in the search for better career prospects. The Pitman Training Centre in Stratford is currently offering a two-day workshop for local jobseekers who are concerned that they are being held back by a lack of skills in jobsearching and employability. Pitman Training are a nationwide training organisation offering courses in office-based careers. They specialise in secretarial skills, keyboard skills, accounts, information technology and provide specialised courses dealing with Microsoft packages. Pitman operate through convenient training locations and allow you to study at your own pace to gain certification. Not surprisingly, they … Continue reading PITMAN TRAINING: Vital Skills for Stratford Jobseekers

SAMSUNG SUR40: The future of the office?

Tables and technology…they are not your usual bedfellows. While technology is forever updating, reinventing itself with every coffee-and-biscuits brainstorm at Sony-Ericsson or Google, Inc., a table is something that has not changed in centuries. Putting it at its simplest, it is a flat surface with four horizontal legs. Nothing whizz-kiddy about that. Until relatively recently, the nearest a table got to being computerised was if someone came along and plonked a PC monitor and some wires on top. Maybe even a tablet!. Our technologically-driven and media-hungry society means that even the humble table is now being propelled screaming into the … Continue reading SAMSUNG SUR40: The future of the office?