PHOTO MOMENT: New Twitter header image

Vijay Shah Here is a quick announcement from the office of the Half-Eaten Mind. I have just created a new Twitter header image in collaboration with the photo-editing software piZap, which has been featured a few times on the blog.     For those among my friends, family and supporting bloggers who are following me (and being followed by yours truly) on Twitter, you may have noticed the current header image of two tower blocks (apartment complexes) and dawn-tinged cirrus clouds which also is used as the header image for the Half-Eaten Mind. This has been a feature of my personal profile … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: New Twitter header image


By Vijay Shah Regulars of the Half-Eaten Mind may remember two articles I published in March this year where I showcased a selection of photo montages and creations produced by my youngest sister using the online editing software piZap. Well today I decided to take the site for a spin myself and see what my creativity could manifest with piZap’s funky filters and stick-on graphics and text. This is what I made…….   It only took me about 20 minutes to put this together, with a photo taken with a Samsung Galaxy S II while at a end-of-week visit to … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Crazy Nye-Nye

ANJALI’S PICS 2: More family photos from the Princess of piZap

By Vijay Shah On March 17, the Half-Eaten Mind played host to a selection of family portraits and fun images made by my youngest sister Anjali (with one produced by younger brother Arjun on his phone using an app he has unfortunately forgotten the name of). She built up these works of art using the photo effects/editing suite piZap (pronounced ‘PIE-zap’) which can be found at this link –  piZap. piZap is an online photo editor and collage maker with more than 7.1 million likes on the social network Facebook. With piZap you simply upload a photo and using a … Continue reading ANJALI’S PICS 2: More family photos from the Princess of piZap

ANJALI’S PICS: Family photo showcase

By Vijay Shah Today I thought I would share with you a small selection of photos collated by my youngest sister using online photo-editing software. I am not sure exactly what site she used (it might have been PicZap) but when she first forwarded them to me via the phone messaging service WhatsApp, I was pleasantly surprised. She had clearly made a very good effort creating these beautiful images. They look great and amazing in my honest opinion. Today just before I logged into the dashboard where I create my literary magic for the Half-Eaten Mind, I chatted with her … Continue reading ANJALI’S PICS: Family photo showcase