PHOTO MOMENT: Gorgeous Grandma Day

23 July is: Gorgeous Grandma DaySo here is our cat of the day…#Grandma #GrandmaBan #olderadults — Top Ten Blogger (@Worlds_Top_10) July 23, 2017   It’s cats that help power the internet, and nearly everyone goes mushy at the sight of a kitty doing or wearing human things. Today’s Photo Moment is this rugged marmalade tabby who has a soft spot for their granny, not to mention fashionably great taste in bibs too 😀 This tweet was made by Top Ten Blogger, a long-time member of the HEM Community. Based in Wales, his blog covers the top ten of amazing … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Gorgeous Grandma Day

PHOTO MOMENT: Canadian elf coin

  A 25-dollar pure silver coloured coin issued by Canada in 2016. The coin, part of a popular and recent tradition of countries issuing coinage with full-colour scenery and even holographic elements, shows a mythological ‘woodland elf’ on the reverse. The elf, dressed in green hat and suit, is busy at work building a wooden birdhouse amidst typical northern Canadian forest scenery. The obverse features a unique profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The coin was recently launched by the Royal Canadian Mint, based on a design by local artist Jesse Koreck, and is being sold at face value in … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Canadian elf coin


  A window view of the BT Tower, in Fitzrovia, central London. I took this picture on the 28th of August, 2012, on the first day at my new office in Tottenham Court Road, after my company relocated there from our old site in Bressenden Place, Victoria which was scheduled for demolition. The BT Tower, formerly known as the ‘Post Office Tower’, was first built in 1961, with construction completed in 1964. Standing in at 191 metres (627 ft), it was initially devised by the then General Post Office as a means of ferrying telecommunications traffic from London to the rest … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: The BT Tower


  “Sometimes, that’s all you need.” A hug is a good way to release feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream. It is also a quick, simple and ‘warm and fuzzy’ way of reinforcing human relationships (and human-other animal ones too). Even for me, though I’m not the most touchy-feely person, a warm and firm hug from a loved one just makes me feel so much better. So go ahead, give someone you care about a hug today. It is free after all. SOURCES: Vijay Shah { विजय }, Twitter, Twitter Inc. #BAE, Twitter, Twitter Inc. IMAGE CREDITS: cute couple things, Tumblr Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Long hugs

PHOTO MOMENT: Batman and the Joker

“Childhood is when you idolise Batman. Adulthood is when you realise that Joker makes more sense.” It’s all a question of relativity. IMAGE CREDITS: Rubber Duck Zilla, Facebook, Facebook Inc. Related articles Mondo Reveals “Batman: The Animated Series” Vinyl Box Set ‘Mortal Kombat X’ PSA: The Joker Will Not Be A DLC Character In Kombat Pack 2 Despite Rumors Fury stages bizarre Batman spectacle ahead of Klitschko fight Infographic: The Evolution of The Joker in Comics, Television, and Film DC Entertainment Will Give Bill Finger Proper Batman Credit In TV And Movies Tyson Fury dresses as Batman at Wladimir Klitschko … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Batman and the Joker