SUPER HIGH RESOLUTION: From China, the 24.9 billion pixel photo that’s blown minds

Shanghai – VIJAY SHAH via sources If you are an amateur photographer and your only method of capturing the world around you is with the potato camera lumped in with your smartphone, the subject of this article might make you feel even more ‘crappy’ than before, or it might just inspire you. Bigpixel, a Chinese company specialising in in-depth photography, hooked up with a handful of tourism promotion agencies in the city of Shanghai to produce a 360-degree photograph with the mind-shattering and eye-burning resolution of 24.9 billion pixels, or 195 gigapixels (195,000 megapixels), the second highest resolution panorama ever … Continue reading SUPER HIGH RESOLUTION: From China, the 24.9 billion pixel photo that’s blown minds

PHOTO MOMENT: Together forever

   “Forever is a long time. But, I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side ❤ “ The best kind of love is the one that lasts forever. The kind where there is kindness, compassion, devotion, faith, and mutual respect and care. Because these are the kind of cherished ingredients that make the perfect relationship. Long live forever love….. Today’s Photo Moment was brought to you by courtesy of Inspirational Quotes and Huma. IMAGE CREDITS: Vijay Shah { विजय }, Twitter, Twitter Inc. Inspirational Quotes, Twitter, Twitter Inc. huma, Twitter, Twitter Inc. Related articles Celebrate Love Forever The Other Side Pet of the Week: … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Together forever

PHOTO MOMENT: Hold that pose!!

Hold That Pose! c @ZoraidaPalacios #travel #nature #photography — Britannia PR (@Britanniacomms) July 3, 2015   “Hold that pose!” “That’s the trouble about being a squirrel photographer….all my subjects seem a bit nuts!”   ********************** Two red squirrels frolic about in the snow, while one realises her dream of being an ace photographer. The pages of Squirrel Vogue and National Geographic await. This photo comes from the wildlife and travel collection of Zoraida Palacios, who describes herself as a defender and protector of animals. She is also an art lover with a degree in administration. The tweet was created by … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Hold that pose!!

STREET-AND-SKY SCENERY: Photo ‘exhibition’ by Anjali – an HEM special

Vijay Shah (editor) with Anjali Shah (photographer) A few months ago, my youngest sister Anjali received an iPhone as a gift. One of the things iPhones are renowned for is their impressive photographic capabilities, considering the phone’s camera is far smaller and more pressed for space compared to the usage specificity and technological prowess of specially made cameras from the likes of Canon, Nikon, Minolta etc. The iPhone, one of the most successful exports of the House of Apple, Inc. boasts a 8 megapixel camera and has become a weapon of choice for ‘pocket photographers’ who don’t want to be burdened by … Continue reading STREET-AND-SKY SCENERY: Photo ‘exhibition’ by Anjali – an HEM special

PHOTO MOMENT: Stunning Hawai’i sunset

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky.” – Rabindranath Tagore (Thakur), Stray Birds The slipping grip of the setting sun transforms the sky and clouds into a gentle medley of dark purple and fiery shades of orange and red in this photo shared on Twitter. The exact location of the photograph is unknown, but is purported to have been taken on a beach somewhere in Hawai’i. There is a beautiful and appreciable contrast between the silhouettes of the palm trees as they are framed against the … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Stunning Hawai’i sunset


The above picture depicts a baby deer or calf, along with a slogan in Arabic. I am not sure exactly what species this little baby belongs to, but assume it may be an Arabian oryx. It was originally created by an Arab Twitter user named @Ms0dn and was shared on the account of Sari (@sari1415) and retweeted by “Discussion”, a Kuwait-based individual who follows me on my personal account. The picture was accompanied with a sentence which roughly translated says “Look at those eyes, Awwwwwwww!“ Deer and gazelle young are renowned for their soft doe-eyed expressions and for being a … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Baby deer

PHOTO MOMENT: Cool photos of Rare and Amazing Things

Vijay Shah (editor) Joy Barnes (contributor) Today’s photo moment comes courtesy of an email forwarded on to me from an old friend and former housemate I lived with until two years ago. The Half-Eaten Mind offers you a selection of photos depicting amazing animals and places that will inspire an equal amount of awe and amazement, with a hefty dollop of cuteness thrown in for good measure. The pictures you will see here are reproduced exactly as I received them, with original captions maintained. This Photo Moment reminds us of the cool and amazing things that exist in our world … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Cool photos of Rare and Amazing Things