A furry and fluffy blast from the past. On the 8th of January, 2013, a friend and former colleague of mine received this teddy bear as a gift. With his chunky paws and smart tartan bowtie, Foxy Bear, as he came to be called, took pride of place on our bank of desks in Fitzrovia, while doing sweet-all work himself. Sadly the bear went walkies some time later and his current location is unknown, although I suspect he took off with another ex-colleague. Farewell, Foxy Bear. P.S. You might spot someone familiar peering at Foxy in the background. … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Foxy Bear


  A window view of the BT Tower, in Fitzrovia, central London. I took this picture on the 28th of August, 2012, on the first day at my new office in Tottenham Court Road, after my company relocated there from our old site in Bressenden Place, Victoria which was scheduled for demolition. The BT Tower, formerly known as the ‘Post Office Tower’, was first built in 1961, with construction completed in 1964. Standing in at 191 metres (627 ft), it was initially devised by the then General Post Office as a means of ferrying telecommunications traffic from London to the rest … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: The BT Tower


  “Sometimes, that’s all you need.” A hug is a good way to release feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream. It is also a quick, simple and ‘warm and fuzzy’ way of reinforcing human relationships (and human-other animal ones too). Even for me, though I’m not the most touchy-feely person, a warm and firm hug from a loved one just makes me feel so much better. So go ahead, give someone you care about a hug today. It is free after all. SOURCES: Vijay Shah { विजय }, Twitter, Twitter Inc. #BAE, Twitter, Twitter Inc. IMAGE CREDITS: cute couple things, Tumblr Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Long hugs

PHOTO MOMENT: Fortune cookie earrings

  A set of earrings featuring charms influenced by the popular Chinese restaurant snacks known as fortune cookies. Produced by Tamara Lance of the U.S. artisan jewellers Musing Tree Studios, the earrings are finished with rounded ceramic beads evocative of Ming porcelain vases and flat beads of turquoise howlite. SOURCES/IMAGE CREDIT: Half-Eaten Mind, Twitter, Twitter Inc. First Night Design, Twitter, Twitter Inc. Musing Tree Studios, Twitter, Twitter Inc. “Chinese Fortune Cookie Earrings, Good Fortune Jewelry, Chinese Takeout Earrings, Chinese Earrings, Asian Jewelry.” – Tamara Lance and Musing Tree Studios via Etsy   Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Fortune cookie earrings

PHOTO MOMENT: The long hop of the law

  Don’t be stealing any Easter eggs, otherwise Bunny Cop here will haul you in. The Half-Eaten Mind wishes you a very happy Easter!!   IMAGE CREDITS: Sheik Atchia. Facebook, Facebook Inc. Related articles Happy Easter Eggs 7 Fantastic Ideas for Coloring Easter Eggs Where and how to celebrate this Easter weekend 15 Fun & Easy Easter Crafts & Activities Smorgasbord Easter Egg Hunt – Bloggers who are ‘Jolly good eggs’ Glad Påsk – Happy Easter Easter Egg Flower Vase Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: The long hop of the law

A GLIMPSE OF NATIVE AMERICA: 1972 reservation photos by Terry Eiler

Two children ride along on a beige-coloured horse, the same colour as the sands on the pathway. Three more kids, excited and full of activity run after the steed towards what appears to be a cow farm. A photo captures their exuberance. This photo, and many others, forms part of an online gallery by web magazine Mashable. More famed for their millennial-angled technology journalism, Mashable instead travelled back in time to a simpler age, showcasing a series of photos taken on various Native American reservations and nearby towns in 1972. In 1972, the United States federal government, which was looking … Continue reading A GLIMPSE OF NATIVE AMERICA: 1972 reservation photos by Terry Eiler

CHRISTMAS 2015: HEM festive graphic

  This year’s wallpaper is influenced by the humble Christmas tree, with its merry decoration and celebration of creativity and light. The basis for this year’s graphic is a picture from a photo wallpaper site, the Wallpaper Abyss, depicting a row of trees decked out in blue fairy lights. The text used aligns with the photo’s colour scheme very well and keeps the theme running. I prepped the image using an old favourite of ours, piZap. It took only around fifteen minutes yesterday morning and is now officially launched today. It will be used here and on the Half-Eaten Mind Facebook … Continue reading CHRISTMAS 2015: HEM festive graphic

PHOTO MOMENT: Happy Hallowe’en from Bottom’s Richie and Eddie

  A scene from the Ninetie’s BBC comedy series ‘Bottom’ that starred the late Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson. In the Hallowe’en special, titled “Terror” and first broadcast on the 13th January 1995, scuzzy but hilarious flatmates Eddie Hitler (Edmondson) and Richard Richard (Mayall) decide to go out trick-or-treating to make some extra cash. In the above scene, they dress as a banana and devil to strike fear into the locals. Poor old Richie however falls victim to the laxative effects of an electric cattle prod they plan to use to extort Hammersmith‘s residents for a few spooky pennies. A … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Happy Hallowe’en from Bottom’s Richie and Eddie