PHOTO MOMENT: Mum’s Christmas decorations for 2013

Vijay Shah  One of the fondest, and most persistent memories I had of growing up was a yearly ritual that my mother would perform towards the last few weeks before Christmas, along with many other British families. That ritual involved running around with a stepladder, clutching fancy objects made of tinsel and LED lights, and then transforming the living room into a kaleidoscope of shimmering metallic colours, flashing bulbs and festive knick-knacks. Cardboard boxes and bits of Sellotape surfaced everywhere, not to mention the occasional broken bauble or chair leg. Loads of rustling and troublesome tinsel that will not stay put on the walls. This … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Mum’s Christmas decorations for 2013

PHOTO MOMENT: Is Putin giving Van Damme a stunt-run for his (Volvo) money?

Vijay Shah A recent advert by Swedish motor vehicle manufacturer Volvo has practically set the internet alight, being shared countless times across social platforms and becoming the talk of cyber town. One of the best attempts at both standard TV advertising and viral marketing in recent years has already clocked up nearly 50 million views on YouTube alone.  The slickly-made advertisement, made to showcase the stability and precision of Volvo’s new “Dynamic Steering”element, features Belgian action man Jean-Claude Van Damme. With his arms firmly crossed and his mouth delivering a monologue to camera in that unmistakable Flemish accent, Van Damme … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Is Putin giving Van Damme a stunt-run for his (Volvo) money?

WALLPAPER: Diwali 2013/2070

Vijay Shah (writing/editing/images) Anjali Shah (images/contribution) To celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, this coming November, the Half-Eaten Mind is unveiling not one, but two special created images to celebrate the festive season – one produced by me and the other made by my youngest sister Anjali, who very much initiated me into the hallowed ways of online image design. With just over a week left until the big day to go, we spent last night simultaneously working on these commemorative images using our old favourite, piZap. There was plenty of coordination and correspondence via email and Twitter. Because … Continue reading WALLPAPER: Diwali 2013/2070

PHOTO MOMENT: My 29th birthday

You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. –  Bob Hope Vijay Shah So yesterday, the 4th of October, 2013, was my birthday. That day marked the 29th year of my arrival here on planet Earth. I usually don’t make such a big deal about my birthday, but this one was special, depending on which way you look at it. It is the last year I can consider myself a “twenty-something”. That final twelve months of my 20s where I can still be a bit cool and down with the youngers. Where I can get … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: My 29th birthday

PHOTO MOMENT: Celebrating my niece’s fourth birthday

Vijay Shah Today’s Photo Moment is in honour of my niece, Shaniya, who turns four years old on the 18th of September 2013 – three days from now. To celebrate this occasion I spent a good hour yesterday night on photo editing website piZap, creating two colourful masterpieces to give as ‘virtual gifts’ to her mother for her. I created these images as well as to show my love and happiness as an uncle to a darling adorable angel-princess. Shaniya has always guaranteed lots of smiles and giggles, and she has been a shining and cheerful addition to our family. … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Celebrating my niece’s fourth birthday

PHOTO MOMENT: The 5 paise coin of India

Vijay Shah Our second photo moment takes us from Mauritius to India, a land famed among numismatists (coin-collectors) for its array of peculiarly shaped coins. Like Mauritius, the Asian subcontinent has produced scalloped coins but even more strangely, until recently, diamond-shaped coins could be found in the spare change. Until inflation saw their eventual extinction from everyday circulation, India, as well as the neighbouring countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka used diamond or square coins. India in particular has had one of the longest usage of these coins going back centuries.  From 1965 until 1994, the country’s government-run … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: The 5 paise coin of India

PHOTO MOMENT: My Twitter images from this week

Vijay Shah I have been a very happy bunny this week. I have booked two weeks worth of annual leave from work to recharge my batteries and get away from the corporate stresses and strains, as well as a chance to catch up on some housework and badly needed ‘me time’. So far I have spent a lot of my time off relaxing. I recently headed down to the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford to buy clothes (I was running short on vests!! ). I have helped my sister with her child psychology course…and tomorrow I have to get up … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: My Twitter images from this week

ANJALI’S PICS: Family photo showcase

By Vijay Shah Today I thought I would share with you a small selection of photos collated by my youngest sister using online photo-editing software. I am not sure exactly what site she used (it might have been PicZap) but when she first forwarded them to me via the phone messaging service WhatsApp, I was pleasantly surprised. She had clearly made a very good effort creating these beautiful images. They look great and amazing in my honest opinion. Today just before I logged into the dashboard where I create my literary magic for the Half-Eaten Mind, I chatted with her … Continue reading ANJALI’S PICS: Family photo showcase

PURE EVASION: A posh Tunisian travel agency; a myriad of serene holiday snaps

By Vijay Shah As any business nowadays knows, it is common sense to have a Facebook presence. With its 800 million active users, according to its own published figures, Facebook has a wide-ranging and international consumer market that even the smallest business could potentially benefit from. This is also true for any organisation that needs an audience; from national governments to charity appeals. Even this little blog, among the millions of blogs out there (30 million estimated using the WordPress platform alone) has its own Facebook page (it’s here!). You do not have to be earning a ‘pretty penny’ to … Continue reading PURE EVASION: A posh Tunisian travel agency; a myriad of serene holiday snaps

A LEAFLETTER’S PHOTO ALBUM: Photography special – Part 3

W28VJ46GBHSE   (Technorati code) By Vijay Shah Yet another great weekend here at Planet HalfEatenMind. It’s warm, sunny and Team GB are already third placed in the medal tally for the Olympics. I spent yesterday evening with family, celebrating the occasion of Raksha Bandhan (a Hindu festival where brothers and sisters celebrate their special bond; the sister tying a special coloured thread, or rakhi around her brother’s wrist) and my right wrist looks very blinging :). Today I am writing the third and final part of the Leafletter’s Album from my sister’s flat in East Ham, and my niece is trying … Continue reading A LEAFLETTER’S PHOTO ALBUM: Photography special – Part 3