SOLIHULL REMEMBERS: Special exhibition on town’s World War soldiers launched

Solihull – VIJAY SHAH via DAVID IRWIN and BirminghamLive The central England town of Solihull, which lies close to the major city of Birmingham, has launched a World War I historical exhibition to commemorate the locals who gave their lives and who fought gallantly in the ‘Great War’, which saw its centenary last year. The exhibition will feature tales of an underage soldier, a recipient of the Victoria Cross, and two soldier siblings who perished within two hours of each other on the gloomy battlefields of continental Europe. An under-age soldier, Victoria Cross winner and 2 brothers who died within … Continue reading SOLIHULL REMEMBERS: Special exhibition on town’s World War soldiers launched

INSTAGRAM: 18 facts and statistics you probably never knew

Instagram is currently one of the world’s most popular social networks by usage and membership. Owned by Facebook, and lovingly known by its fans as simply ‘Insta’, the site is a valuable treasure trove of pictures and memories and offers a glimpse into the lives of its 600 million or so active users. While Instagram has developed a reputation as a bit of a narcissist’s heaven with many users flooding it with selfies, posing like there is no tomorrow, it also has become a valuable resource for creatives such as photographers and graphic designers to showcase their work, and many … Continue reading INSTAGRAM: 18 facts and statistics you probably never knew

GIF MOMENT: Easter 2015

The season of new beginnings, spring flowers and chocolate eggs returns upon us again. As the days get longer, the temperature picks up (sort of) and the Cadbury’s Creme Eggs come out of hibernation, Easter is now here. OK, well the weather hasn’t been that great. Some sunshine yes, but also rain, combined with┬ámad and roaring winds like you wouldn’t believe. In Northolt, north west London, wind speeds there on the last day of April reached 60 mph. It’s calmed down a lot though now. The streets around my neighbourhood have practically been blasted clean. This Easter, the Half-Eaten Mind … Continue reading GIF MOMENT: Easter 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015: Vijay’s best new year images

2015….new year…new beginnings….new opportunities. I just can’t believe it that within three days, we’ll be approaching the middle of the decade, and that it has been fifteen years since the dawn of the Millennium (Year 2000). Those of you reading who were alive then might remember how everyone was harping on about the Y2K Bug and how all our electronics and computers would fail and airplanes would plummet out of the sky. Well, we survived that. Let’s hope we don’t get slain by too much cola/champagne and giant New Year’s meals. In 2015, I’ll be in my fourth decade of … Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015: Vijay’s best new year images

GIF MOMENT: Easter 2014

In the United Kingdom, the days from the 18th to the 21st April are┬áthe Easter Bank Holiday weekend. I have booked a day off work so that means an impressive five-day long rest, which honestly I badly need. Easter is one of the most important Christian festivals celebrated here, and over much of the world. Children and parents look forward to munching their way through tonnes of chocolate Easter eggs and for many churchgoers it is a time to reflect on the lifetime of their religion’s founder Jesus Christ and his dying and resurrection for mankind’s sins. For the less … Continue reading GIF MOMENT: Easter 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014: Vijay’s best new year images

We are only a few days shy of the New Year. It’s now time to chuck out your 2013 calendars into the recycling bin and shred your 2013 diaries because the fourteenth year of the 21st century is soon to make its presence felt. This past year has seen many big changes at the Half-Eaten Mind. We’ve adopted a new look, created a Twitter account, self-published a book, moved home and increased our turnover of articles. We’ve collaborated with contributors big and small, and been nominated for heaps of blogging awards. In 2013, we have really picked our brains to … Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014: Vijay’s best new year images

PHOTO MOMENT: Islamic New Year – Hijri 1435

Vijay Shah After setting up yesterday’s Photo Moment for the Hindu New Year, it was brought to my attention that it was also the beginning of the Muslim New Year as well. Firstly, a member of the HEM blogging community, Kaligrafi Nusantara (Archipelago Calligraphy), who is from Indonesia and runs a Islamic calligraphy blog, wished me prosperity for the new Hijri year, then a good friend and work colleague named Dewan later pointed the closeness of our new years while commenting on my status on Facebook. It is not a surprise that both the Hindu and Islamic new years are … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Islamic New Year – Hijri 1435

PHOTO MOMENT: Saal Mubarak (Happy New Year!!)

Vijay Shah Straight after Diwali in some parts of the Hindu world it is the beginning of the New Year at least in Gujarat and among some Mauritians. For those using the Vikram Samvat calendar, the New Year began in April this year (The current year is 2070 VS). Some ethnic groups in India, such as the Bengalis and Tamils have use of their own regional calendars. Regardless of what calendar you prefer to use (and many Hindus also make use of the European Gregorian calendar in secular life), the New Year is a time of new beginnings and ventures, … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Saal Mubarak (Happy New Year!!)