PHOTO MOMENT: Leicester City’s Premier League win

  A poster circulated on social media commemorating English football team Leicester City F.C.‘s first ever win of the Barclays Premier League, after winning on points. Adorned in the blue and white livery of the Foxes, the poster also shows the names and years of previous BPL cup lifters.   IMAGE CREDITS: Sunny Atwal.  Related articles How Leicester City can emerge Premier League champions Hollywood actor Tom Hanks ‘bet £100 on Leicester City to win Premier League’ Punter cashed out at 45p on 5000/1 Leicester City Premier League title bet Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Leicester City’s Premier League win

PHOTO MOMENT: Indie music end of year party poster by Tacheless Promotions

An independently produced poster by an independent music label. This poster combines alternative art (seemingly influenced by Instagram) combined with the visuals of a vibrant Northern indie music scene, getting right to the core of what music is all about: good times and appreciation of non-mainstream bands. The poster is for the ‘Twisted Wheel‘ end of year music party being held at IndiePendent café on the High Street, Scunthorpe on the 5th December 2014, featuring indie acts Danny Mahon and the band The North. It was produced by Tacheless Promotions using Fused. Tacheless Promotions Cafe Indiependent Danny Mahon The North SOURCES: Vijay … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Indie music end of year party poster by Tacheless Promotions

PHOTO MOMENT: Old Skool Raver

A Photoshop designed poster for a ‘old school’ music event being held in south-east London. The capital city of the United Kingdom is home to a varied and exciting musical scene encompassing many niches, tastes and cultures. Nightclub events such as ‘Old Skool Raver‘ are particularly popular among the city’s younger music lovers, drawn by the banging beats, relatively cheap alcohol and experiences of fun. These events are highly publicised via brightly coloured flyers and posters which have become works of art in their own right, even though mainstream designers and the modern art world may generally regard such ephemera … Continue reading PHOTO MOMENT: Old Skool Raver