SULLEE J: Deen over Dunya

US rapper and master of lyrical poetry Sullee J returns to the mic again to release the latest single from his upcoming mixtape Victory. The new track is entitled “Deen over Dunya” and was produced by AnnoDominiBeats. His latest track is dedicated to the role that his Islamic faith plays in his life. Just as many mainstream rappers past and present referred to ‘Jesus Peace’ and Biblical phrases in their wordplay, Sullee J’s latest single is a statement of his faith’s guiding hand in his life, career, and messages, delivered in his unmistakable flow. Sullee also touches on the history of … Continue reading SULLEE J: Deen over Dunya

SULLEE J: Innovative Mind

Article by Sullee J (musician/contributor) Foreword by Vijay Shah (blogger/editor) Baltimore-based rap musician Sullee J has consistently wowwed hip-hop fans across the Atlantic and across the seven seas with his amazing musical style, eminent collaborations with the cream of national and local hip-hop talent, and of course, his powerful vocabulary and lyrical expression. As befitting a blog with the name of ‘The Half-Eaten Mind’, Sullee J has penned a special article that will question your every move and mental conception. In this exclusive piece, Sullee J challenges us to look within ourselves. Do you ever wonder why we do the things … Continue reading SULLEE J: Innovative Mind

SULLEE J: Kamikaze

From the streets of Baltimore, rapper and verbal philosopher Sullee J has released a new single fresh for March 2015. His latest banger is entitled ‘Kamikaze‘ and is a great example of the vigorous flow mixed with a stupendous delivery that has always been a hallmark of this artist. Produced by GreezyDub, also known as Dub Vader, who has worked on production and sound engineering for CaShis, Royce da 59 and Par City, Kamikaze is where Sullee J runs unchallenged from the ground to the moons of Mars. With its fast-paced delivery accompanied by piano, Kamikaze is breathless, a sudden blood … Continue reading SULLEE J: Kamikaze

LOWKEY: Tracks from a political rapper

Vijay Shah (editor) Azzy (article idea & contributor) Yesterday I took a quick bus ride down to my sister’s flat to hang out with her and two of my brothers who also came visiting for the day. My niece has been sent off  to a family friend’s place round the corner to hang out with her 3-year-old best friend. Once I got through the front door, I heard the bass pummeling my eardrums from upstairs. One of my brothers, nicknamed Azzy, had rigged up the sister’s laptop to a widescreen television and was playing some music videos on the YouTube website in … Continue reading LOWKEY: Tracks from a political rapper