MOTHER NATURE: Changes to comeback and revamp

The Half-Eaten Mind previously reported (last weekend) on the return of fellow blogger Alex Smithson, who runs photography and news blog “Mother Nature”. As mentioned previously, Alex had taken five months’ break from blogging due to important exams and was planning to return to blogging activities on the 1st of July, 2014. Yesterday night, I was informed by Alex that a sudden change has been made to the plan. Mother Nature will now be restarted on the 25th of June, 2014, which is around three weeks from now. The 1st July will instead mark a massive redesign of Mother Nature, … Continue reading MOTHER NATURE: Changes to comeback and revamp

ANNOUNCEMENT: New blog header image

Vijay Shah Makeovers can have unexpected consequences. A couple of years ago, the international clothing chain GAP decided to change its logo and adopt a streamlined sans-serif version as part of its branding revitalisation. The customer backlash against the company’s image change was so unexpectedly severe that Gap hurriedly switched back to its old emblem along with a profuse apology. Likewise when the company behind the cherished Yellow Pages business directories renamed itself “hibu”, people were left confused about what exactly the hell hibu actually meant, with the design team behind the name change recently admitting that they did not know … Continue reading ANNOUNCEMENT: New blog header image