SULLEE J: New Music Submission – All I Know ft. Marka

Acclaimed Baltimore, US, rapper and lyrical master Sullee J has released a brand new single this past week, as the prolific artiste continues his rise to the forefront of modern East Coast rap. He released his latest track, “All I Know” featuring fellow rapper Marka on the 5th November. The song was produced by Anno Domini Beats.

All I Know speaks on the various scenarios which occurred on the come up of Sullee J, a story shared with many others of his genre. There is a distinctively retro feel both in the official video of the song plus the Eighties style hooks of the track’s beat. While lyrics flash up on the screen of an old TV set like we all had in our parents’ living room as children, Sullee J rhymes emphatically about the struggles, dealing with the haters, fake associates and hypocrites, while reaching for the top. Especially, it is a lesson for everyone not to let the two-faced bring them down and to chart their own success, and to understand who their true friends and supports are.

In the near future, Sullee J plans to release his new album, Spear, by the end of the year.

All I Know is available for free downloads and viewing via his YouTube channel, xxsulleexx, and through SoundCloud.

Youtube Video Link:






Team Justice/Sullee J.



BAHRAIN ACTIVISTS: Human rights group appeals for release of detained brothers


As the government of Bahrain is being slammed for widespread human rights violations against protesters calling for greater transparency and democratic rights, a U.S. based charity is calling for the release of two young brothers detained by authorities in the Middle Eastern ‘oil state’ for activism and pro-democracy demands.


Activist group Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) has recently released a statement calling for Bahrain to release siblings Ahmed AlArab, aged 27, and Ali AlArab, 25 years who are facing life imprisonment as well as possible death sentences. According to the charity, the AlArab brothers were arrested and tortured by authorities in connection with a prison escape from the Jau correctional centre near the capital Manama, in January 2017. According to Al Jazeera news network, armed men attacked the prison where several anti-government protesters were detained, killing one security guard and setting free an unknown number of the jailed.

Ahmed AlArab, a former nursing student, has been repeatedly put in jail over his political activism, calling for greater rights and freedoms for Bahraini citizens and was said to have been regularly harassed by security forces before his latest arrest. He was said to have been tortured for 21 consecutive days at the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) and forced to confess to criminal activity, according to ADHRB. His right to a fair trial was violated and was even stripped of his citizenship, despite being a native Bahraini.

Ahmed’s brother Ali was himself arrested on 9th of February, 2018 by security agents of the Ministry of Interior while visiting a friend. He was also taken to Criminal Investigations Directorate headquarters where, it is alleged, he was forced to sign a confession while blindfolded. He was then transferred to another detention facility, named the Dry Dock, where he underwent torture, and was beaten by guards there for refusing to bow down and kiss a guard’s boot. It is also claimed Ali’s toenails were ripped off, and his injuries were bad enough to prevent him from walking or praying, necessitating a visit to the prison clinic.

In a mass trial held at the end of January, Ali was sentenced to death for the killing of the security guard at Jau prison a year previously and was also stripped of his passport. His trial was not held under fair legal rulings, with lawyers warned off taking on Ali’s case and Ali himself not allowed to receive legal counsel.

ADHRB condemned the actions of Bahrain’s government, citing that the Gulf emirate is a signatory of many international legal frameworks, including the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Both of these treaties are said to have been violated in the case of the treatment and detention without proper trial of the activist brothers.

ADHRB ended their statement by calling on Bahrain to cancel the AlArabs’ convictions as they did not receive a fair trial and retry them under international treaty requirements. It also appealed for the AlArabs’ citizenship to be restored and for allegations of torture and maltreatment to be fully investigated, and the torturers to be brought to book.


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SULLEE J: Crooked Justice with Crooked I

“Two versatile MCs get together and bless you with profound lyricism. KXNG Crooked and Sullee Justice expose a unique vision of their reality in the verses. Crooked Justice is filled with positive and uplifting rhymes along with conscious truths for the riveting minds.”  – GlobalFaction promo text 

This past Monday, the 1st May 2017, acclaimed Baltimore rapper and cross-cultural artist Sullee J released his latest single, a special collaboration with Long Beach, California-based KXNG Crooked, also known as Crooked I. It is already looking set to be one of Sullee J’s most popular collaborations to date, with its hit mix of digital animation and a team-up with one of West Coast rap’s most technologically proficient names in the business. Sullee himself has released seven mixtapes and numerous singles, collaborating with many artists from different musical backgrounds, successfully fusing hip-hop with Punjabi, Pakistani and Bollywood styles.

The new track, named “Crooked Justice” is a song that is a perfect example of brilliant lyricism over a dope beat. With each bar telling a story, the song comes teamed with a video that is jam-packed with metaphors which reflect “Crooked Justice” in literal terms. 

Produced by GlobalFaction, the video is a cool animation of the two rappers on a space travel jaunt, with the lyrics fitting the scenes perfectly. The awesome lyrics, full of meaning, are delivered over a relaxing piano tune, reminiscent hallmarks of the best in independent hip-hop. Look out for some trendy dance moves, Sullee and Crooked jamming to some dope beats on the Moon’s surface – couches and all, and references to major contemporary American issues, such as the Dakota Pipeline controversy. Sullee J and Crooked I’s lyrical styles complement each other perfectly and the track gets you thinking deeply as much as the video entertains you with its colourful cartooney animations.

Crooked I, a.k.a Dominick Wickliffe, is a member of the musical supergroup Slaughterhouse. A successful record company CEO and digital marketing and video channel pioneer, Crooked I is currently signed to Shady Records and has been in the hip-hop business for more than twenty years.

Crooked Justice is available on YouTube and SoundCloud and as a download on iTunes.



Music Video Link:
Sullee J Management.
“Crooked I” – Wikipedia/Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

SULLEE J: ‘Yaar Ve’ with Sunny Brown and Baba Kahn


Baltimore’s globally acclaimed artist Sullee Justice (aka Sullee J) is back with an epic remix to “Yaar Ve” by Sunny Brown and Baba Kahn and produced by ZKL. A brilliant mix between hip-hop, Punjabi rhythms & Bollywood speaking on the bounties of love.

Stay tuned for his new single coming out soon Crooked Justice featuring Shady Records artist KXNG Crooked! May 1st.

You can hear ‘Yaar Ve’ now at the following link:

Twitter: @SulleeJ @TeamSulleeJ 
Soundcloud: /SulleeJ
Instagram: /SulleeJ
Sullee J Management

LEBRON 11: Nike launches new sports shoe influenced by graffiti

Sportswear manufacturer and leading athletic designer brand Nike have launched the newest addition to their extensive trainer (sneaker) range this weekend, as mentioned on the official Nike Twitter account. The LeBron 11 ‘Graffiti’ shoe, part of Nike’s renowned basketball shoe collection aimed at younger buyers, carries a distinctive long tongue. It is inlaid with red cushioned fabric for maximum comfort, and emblazoned with a design in black and white that combines jagged edges and flourishing lines. The pattern pays homage to the urban traditions of American street art – a visual philosophy which have been intertwined with the roots of basketball since the 1980s. The famous Nike tick – the ‘swoosh’ is incorporated into the design in an off-metallic red. The shoe makes dedicated usage of Nike’s patented Hyperposite construction. This special footwear technology combines PU based foam material, performance synthetics and mesh to create an extremely durable, lightweight and breathable upper, according to Nike’s promotional site for the 11 series.

(c) @nikestore

The shoe also is fitted with Nike’s patented air cushion technology for greater comfort and is an ideal buy for active kids, and comes in at a much cheaper price than other products in Nike’s catalogue. The graffiti design has been a mainstay of Nike’s LeBron collection for several years and has made its return for this new reincarnation. The design is based on the “White/University Red-Black” of Miami University. The ‘colorway’ as it is referred to by American trainer fans and collectors, has been well received in some quarters with many complimenting the ‘Graffiti’ look as remaining true to the traditional LeBron series format.

This collection is the result of a partnership between Nike and professional basketball player LeBron James, otherwise known on the pitch as ‘King James’. Currently playing for the Miami Heat team, James has won two NBA championships, four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, two NBA Finals MVP Awards, two Olympic gold medals, an NBA scoring title, and an NBA Rookie of the Year Award. He has also been selected to ten NBA All-Star teams, nine All-NBA teams, and five All-Defensive teams, and is the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ all-time leading scorer, before his current career in Florida. James has also been ranked by Forbes as one of the world’s most influential athletes throughout his career. Like many professional-level sportspeople, James has numerous lucrative contracts with major firms. In addition to Nike, he also maintains sponsorships with Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Samsung.

James signed his contract with Nike ten years ago at the tender age of 18, and collector’s magazine Nice Kicks retrospectively dubbed him Nike’s new shining ‘crown prince’. LeBron’s contract was valued then at $93 million, and in which he would work with Nike on releasing a range of sportswear, ranging from shoes to hoodies, named in honour of the Akron, Ohio-born superstar. Since then, James has renewed his original seven-year partnership at a tune of $15 million per year.

The LeBron 11 is available on Nike’s US online store with different size and design formats for toddlers, pre-schoolers and older children. The older child’s variant costs $140, the pre-school version is retailing for $70, while an infant-friendly pair is available for $50. At this moment the shoes are only available to U.S. customers both at Nike stores and other high street retailers. It is not yet known if and when they will be put on sale in British stores. The other trainers in the range are already stocked in the United Kingdom.

EDITORS NOTE: Nike or their affiliates did not sponsor or participate in the production of this article. This was a random subject selected from the author’s Twitter account.

Vijay Shah { विजय } on Twitter LINK on Twitter LINK
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