QUOTE MOMENT: Don’t let words control you

  Don’t let the nasty utterances of other people bring you down and cause you to lash out in anger. Let their comments and attitudes flow over you like water over a stone. Remember the old adage – “Sticks and stones may break  my bones, but words can never hurt me”. Be impervious to people who talk rubbish, don’t give them the reaction they want, and you will come out looking the stronger and better person. SOURCE/IMAGE CREDITS: Forgive me Allah, Facebook, Facebook Inc. https://www.facebook.com/LordForgiveMe/ Alia Hellz Bachell. Continue reading QUOTE MOMENT: Don’t let words control you

CRITICISM: A quote by Elbert Hubbard

Embed from Getty Images To escape criticism – do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. ~ Elbert Hubbard Being criticised is not the nicest feeling in the world. It does feel a bit of a downer when you pour your heart and soul into something, a poem, a photograph, a graphic, or a short story, and then someone comes along and criticises. While it may make you want to burst a vessel and bang them over the head with the nearest moveable object, stop and think. While there are plenty of trolls and ‘people-with-nothing-better-to-do’ who criticise your work just to cause … Continue reading CRITICISM: A quote by Elbert Hubbard

JUST A GLASS OF WATER: Time to reflect!!

By Vijay Shah Every once in a while, I get forwarded email on my Google Mail account from a good friend who used to live at my houseshare. They always make light-hearted reading, amusing and sometimes shocking. Today I would like to share one such email with my Brainiacs, which I received almost a couple of days ago. This message was about how life can be stressful and difficult, but that you should not let challenging situations make those precious days of your life too unbearable. There is a way to handle stress, and to detoxify the mind and body, … Continue reading JUST A GLASS OF WATER: Time to reflect!!