SULLEE J: Innovative Mind

Article by Sullee J (musician/contributor) Foreword by Vijay Shah (blogger/editor) Baltimore-based rap musician Sullee J has consistently wowwed hip-hop fans across the Atlantic and across the seven seas with his amazing musical style, eminent collaborations with the cream of national and local hip-hop talent, and of course, his powerful vocabulary and lyrical expression. As befitting a blog with the name of ‘The Half-Eaten Mind’, Sullee J has penned a special article that will question your every move and mental conception. In this exclusive piece, Sullee J challenges us to look within ourselves. Do you ever wonder why we do the things … Continue reading SULLEE J: Innovative Mind

BOTOWN: Where Bollywood found its funky soul

By Vijay Shah Indian music has many great qualities. Whether it is bhangra from the Punjab or Carnatic music from India’s deep south, the song talent of the world’s ‘largest democracy’ has been very democratic in its popularity. The Bollywood film industry, as well as its regional variations, has built up an international fan-base numbering the tens of millions thanks to its steady stream of ‘filmi’ songs and sultry dance numbers. Indeed, no Bollywood director could ever imagine releasing a movie without a few feel-good tracks thrown in to maximise audience enjoyment. Not including a ditty or two would be unthinkable and would … Continue reading BOTOWN: Where Bollywood found its funky soul